Jetset Chaus in Margaret River! ✘ IV

Took on a three hour drive down south to Margaret River, and thankfully the kids were cooperative during the car ride – Travis took a nap, while there’s nothing some singing and observing the surroundings that can’t keep the toddler entertained through the drive. And it helps that there were horses, cows and sheeps along the way!

We headed straight to Watershed Premium Wines for lunch when we arrived at Margaret River, and sadly the restaurant wasn’t opened so we just ordered from the cafe menu. I absolutely enjoyed being able to bask in the arms of nature again. The restaurant overlooked what looked like an endless land of winery, and the grass looked so enticing I didn’t bother stopping Tyler from rolling around in it. 

Popped by The Berry Farm where you can grab some jams, vinaigrettes and jams – but we got ourselves some marinates instead! Oh gosh, I love the flavour I bought some back as the gifts for some close pals too. I guess the highlight there was the huge wooden playground where the kids had some fun at. Well, mainly Tyler since Travis couldn’t walk yet, but there’s always some swinging and sliding to do with Daddy & Mommy around! And to Tyler’s surprise, there was an aviary at the corner where we saw chickens, geese, peacocks, emu just to name a few!

Checked into our AirBnB just before dinner to put down our luggage, and gosh I just adore the space! It had a wide living area for everyone to gather, enough bed for up to 10 pax, a cosy fireplace, and an open kitchen. The best of all? The room that we took up was facing the woods, such perfect view to wake up to!

There’s no pictures to show the amazing meal that we had at Morris Anytime because the restaurant was dimly lited, but I’d do anything to head back for a meal there right now. (Can you tell that I really love our visit to Margaret River by now?) Though the portion was on the smaller side (think tapas style), each dish was jam-packed with flavour I just wanted to more of everything we had!

Later that night after putting the boys down for their sleep, Jon and I went out of the house just to take some beautiful shots of the night sky. It was pitch dark, I honestly was afraid if some wild animal/crazy man would come attacking me from the back, but I just had to attempt to capture whatever that’s before my eyes – even though we had seen a more magnificent view before that. All these for our memory keepsake! x