The Royal Albatross

The Royal Albatross’ owner’s room onboard, and you could have this room to yourself if you book an overnight charter!

Indulging in our welcome drink

Some time back, Jon and I decided that we should have a good evening just to the both of us without the kids and off we went to have a good time onboard the Royal Albatross! We went for the Sunset Sail City Lights (Platinum) where we had a plated three course dinner accompanied by the lovely live music performance which truly brought the ambience up to the next level in my opinion. Oh, they do have the Gold package whereby you actually get a self-serve international buffet option instead of a plated dinner if you’d like – and I guess that would make sense for the big eaters!

The Royal Albatross is the only yacht in Singapore that can house approximately 100+ pax while the boat is out at sea, which makes it great for a company party or even a small and intimate wedding! I have to say that the structure and build of the yacht contributed to the fact that we could hardly feel that we were out at sea, except when the bigger waves hit – so yay for people who has motion sickness! But you can be rest assured that the friendly crew has got it all taken care of if you do experience any discomfort!

The yacht sailed off for a two and half hour ride from Resorts World Sentosa and headed for the beautiful city scape before making a detour back for the sunset. I’m not too sure if we were just lucky that day, but it was one of the most picturesque sunset I’ve ever seen on our sunny island! I was told that there’s a National Day Special where they serve a more local food fare for the patrons on board, and I can only imagine how amazing it would be to steal some glimpse of the National Day Parade performance from a different angle! Just imagine those fighter jets going above you as you dine, or if the timing is good, maybe even some fireworks?

This is truly one of the best couple experiences that we have done in Singapore, which makes it great for birthday, anniversary or basically any special occasion that calls for a celebration. Speaking of which, we actually witnessed a proposal during our sunset sail experience, how heartwarming! I highly recommend this for you to give it a try if you are still cracking your head on where to bring your other half – you will thank me! x