Pregnancy II: Onto the Third Trimester

Just like the very first pregnancy, I was six weeks pregnant when I discovered about having another little fig growing inside me – except that this time, Jon was away in Jakarta for two months and I had to break the news to him over text. There isn’t any signs or symptoms, or any dreams that made me take out the pregnancy kit to do a test. One morning, I just had the gut instinct to do so and there it was. Two distinct lines. (Talk about Mom instincts!)

But unlike the very first pregnancy, the first trimester was involved with a lot more gagging (thankfully no vomiting was involved) and my appetite was a lot poorer. Morning sickness set in almost instantly the moment I found out about the pregnancy, and it felt like it lasted longer too. That to me was probably the hardest part about pregnancy thus far.

Fast forward time, I almost can’t believe I’m already into week 30 of our second pregnancy and I’m feel guilty that I’m only documenting my very first entry about it right now. I have to say that this little guy is active just like his elder brother, if not more! And yes, we are having another little boy! x While it would have been perfect to have a little girl, I am just as excited at the idea of Tyler having a best little buddy to grow up together with and bonding like the best partners-in-crime and getting into adorable little mischiefs together. I know I may have moments when two boys get a little too much for me to handle, but we’ll take things as they go and hopefully they aren’t as bad as I imagine it to be.

Oddly when I was expecting Tyler, I didn’t have any urge to vamp up any corner of our house specifically for him but with Travis’ arrival in a few months time, we actually decided to make the boys’ room more like theirs. We removed Jon’s desktop along with some other stuff from the room, installed a shelf and a few wall hooks and the feel of the room changed drastically. We have always kept the other room simple and truth to be told, I cannot be happier with my decision to pimp things up a little and even though there were very slight changes, I’m absolutely beyond pleased with the outcome – and may I add, that little space may just be my favourite corner of our home right now! ♡

I have to say that even Tyler is enjoying this little space right now – knowing that this is the space that he should be headed towards when it’s nap/bedtime – but it wouldn’t be long before he has to share it with Travis!

Week 26.

Week 29.

At week 30 right now, I currently weigh 55.3kg and that means that I have gained approximately 10kg since the start of the pregnancy – while I gained about 20kg with the first pregnancy! While having a smaller appetite (not by choice) may have contributed to the lesser weigh gain, I am starting to believe that my gynae may be right about drinking “maternity formula milk” actually just causes the Mommy to gain weight and not the baby. With that remark he made at the end of my last pregnancy, I told myself that I’d only go for (full cream) fresh milk with my next pregnancy, and I did! (But of course if you appetite is terrible or you are feeling that your food intake isn’t nutritious enough, maternity formula milk may be a better option for you!)

Thankfully pregnancy has gotten a lot kinder to me at this stage with no sleeping discomfort from the bump, and it definitely helps a lot when the little big guy decides to shower random hugs and kisses, along with whispers of “I love you” throughout the day. We truly cannot wait to see how those little buds of friendship and brotherhood will slowly blossom through the years between these two sweethearts. x

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