Josh & Cherie Books: Christmas 2017 Bundles

Thank you Josh & Cherie Books for sending Tyler a box of books which got him all excited about his present! 🎁 To Jon & I, one of the best gifts we can give to Tyler is the gift of knowledge, mainly in the form of books! I was never into reading, but I am definitely hoping to change things up a little with my little ones — now Tyler has almost two shelves full of it and I can see how Travis can benefit from it too!

Gift the love of reading this Christmas with @joshandcheriebooks, a monthly book subscription service for kids aged 0-7 years old! Each box contains 2-3 specially curated books that’s packaged like a gift, so just imagine the joy of having a present to unwrap every month – I’m sure I’d be the happiest kid in the block if I received them!

Tyler was really engrossed with the one book we started reading, and he wouldn’t let go of it even as we had to head out of the house. Needless to say, the usual struggle of trying to get him seated in his car seat was no issue with the book to serve as a distraction to get him seated still, so yay!

If you’re still cracking your heads on what to give for your family’s/friends’ precious little ones, look no further! From now till 30th November, special Christmas bundles are available if you purchase 3 gift boxes and more! Pop over to @joshandcheriebooks to find out more!

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