Baking Workshop with BakeIn1

I am never too much for a baking person because of the science and mess that comes along with it – so when Bakein1 offered a customized baking workshop, Gwen and I jumped at the idea of it because we could just leave the cleaning to someone else! 🙊 It honestly was a lot more enjoyable and engaging than I would expect since we had the plans of bringing Tyler & Leah who were both aged below two!

Baking, especially with your little ones, is a perfect bonding activity and it actually helps them to work on their motor skills along with learning how to follow instructions too! With over 25 recipes to choose from, Bakein1 helps you pre-portion out the ingredients, and the lovely founder Joanne will guide you through the entire baking process! That honestly made the process a lot easier, especially when we had two little kiddos with us and we had to keep an eye on them at all times. Or if something else tickles your fancy just like us, they would be more than happy to help you create the perfect customized baking workshop to enhance your experience! 

The Husband actually swiped out our s’mores chocolate tart later that evening, and he only sang nothing but praises for it! I’m already thinking of how much fun it can potentially be if I were to hold an intimate baking birthday party here for the little ones in the future!

Or if you’d prefer to bake in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of running to the groceries stores to grab the ingredients along with minimal wastage, they also offer pre-portioned bake boxes delivered to you! Baking has never seemed more hassle-free than this before!

Enjoy a 15% off your first bake box order with the code GIMME15 upon check out!

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