Nippon ✖︎ Kyoto – III

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Kyoto, Japan

I’ve never really been a huge fan of city-holiday, which explains why Jon & I would always prefer to go on a scenic ones. But I guess it came as no surprise that Kyoto was definitely my favourite part of our holiday in Japan – it could be the traditional olden Japanese vibe around, or the fact that there were so many people walking around in traditional Japanese costumes (even though I know more than half of them were tourists), or it could simply just be the beautiful cherry blossoms that kept blowing me off my feet. Whatever the reason is, Kyoto is definitely my favourite!

We figured that we’d want to save time travelling between the cities and a long train ride with a toddler would be rather unpredictable, so we took a Nozomi line on the Shinkansen, which was the fastest and most expensive route from Tokyo to Kyoto. After we checked in at our hotel, we quickly made our way to Gion before the sunset to bask in the beauty of this famous street during twilight. 

If you enjoy freshly made ice-cream, definitely do try to hunt down Gion Kinana Honten because it’s hidden in an alley behind the main street and it was so easy to miss! We had to walk up and down a few times while looking at Google map, but we were so glad that we manage to find this place! They serve homemade ice-cream made of natural Japanese ingredients.

570-119 Gion-machi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel: +81 075-525-8300
Operating Hours: 11:00-18:30 (Last Order)

We continued exploring the little alleys of Gion while we were trying to kill some time before our reservation at Kichi Kichi Omurice. Thank goodness we made a reservation via their booking page online, because with Tyler around – I can’t imagine how it would be like trying to handle the toddler and making him wait for an hour or two in the cold! Well, it was actually stated at their door that they strictly follow reservations only but I’ve heard of people who got lucky and manage to get a seat with some patience and waiting. 

I have to say that this could possibly be the meal I was the most excited about! I had heard and watched so many videos about the famous chef making his perfect omurice with minimal effort all over the internet, and I just had to make a reservation at his humble little restaurant since we were in Kyoto. Truth to be told, the omurice didn’t turn out to be the highlight of our meal but the other dishes were! Nonetheless, the omurice was definitely a classic yet comforting Japanese fare if you prefer to be on the safe side when you are ordering your meal. Jon & I strongly recommend that if anyone wants to visit this restaurant, consider coming with a group of people so that you can order more dishes to share. The omurice is a must, but everything else we ordered was truly what we enjoyed!

185-4 Zaimokuchō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto 604-8017, Japan
Operating Hours: Lunch 12pm-2pm (Only for Sat/Sun/PH)
Dinner 5pm-9pm

Can’t wait to share about my Kyoto, because it’s definitely my favourite Japanese city thus far! x

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