Nippon ✖︎ Tokyo – I

Sleepy little traveller at 04.00am in the morning

“Must not forget my luggage.”


Stealing hearts of the staff behind the counter

First sight of Hanami at Chidoriga-fuchi

What I enjoy about babywearing is definitely having this sleeping face close to me.

Yasukuni Shrine

The famous Shibuya Crossing

Never looking at strawberries the same way ever again.

“Mommy, can I have some please?”

Tokyo, Japan

Jon & I always try to make it a point to go on a vacation once a year, and we will always try our very best to visit somewhere new if possible. This year, we decided to head to Japan for our family vacation along with my in-laws! I’ve always wanted to visit Japan during the Hanami season, and it would make the perfect sense to enjoy this beautiful sight during our (dating) anniversary trip.

The weather was quite a damper because it was raining when we arrived at Tokyo, but that didn’t stop us from walking to Shinjuku to have a bowl of Ichiran ramen each! It wasn’t so fun queueing in the rain, and the weather was actually a fair bit colder than what we had expected – so seeking some shelter at the Family Mart beside while Jon queued (for approximately 45 minutes) seemed like the perfect way to keep Tyler warm. Without a doubt, the ramen was savoury and Jon devoured it all in no time!

 The first thing we did on the first proper day in Tokyo was to head to Chidoriga-Fuchi to indulge in some hanami goodness! The cherry blossoms were predicted to be fully bloomed when we arrived, but sadly the weather has been colder than expected and the flowers only started blooming in certain areas. Nonetheless, we were in awe at the beauty of how the sea of pink (even though less densely packed than expected) lined that park! Initially we had planned to go for the boat ride, but we gave it a miss because the view was less magnificent.

We walked over to Yasukuni Shrine before heading over to taking the subway to have lunch at Shin Udon. I have always been a udon more than ramen person, and it was no surprise that I actually planned to have this for our very first lunch in Japan. We queued for approximately 30-40 minutes before we could get a table, and it’s when we finally realised how Japan isn’t a very baby-friendly place when it comes to dining. Most restaurants do not have highchairs, so dining was definitely a challenge – which we survived anyway, so yay! Shin Udon definitely served one of the best udon I have tasted! They served freshly made udon noodles, and it had such great texture I don’t think I’d ever get my udon cravings satisfied after this ever again. I ordered a simple bowl of udon with hot soy sauce, butter, pepper and soft boiled egg but it was so, so good! We also had beef udon, and udon with tempura and we all finished it in no time.

慎 Shin Udon
2 151 0053, 2 Chome-20-16 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
Tel: +81 3-6276-7816
Operating Hours: 11.00am to 22.00pm (Sun to Thurs)
11.00am to 23.00pm (Fri & Sat)

 Attempted to burn our calories by walking to Shibuya where we caught the sight of the famous, and insanely crowded, Shibuya Crossing. It didn’t seem so insane while we were crossing the roads until we look at it from afar, it is indeed quite a sight! We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at Shibuya Mark Centre’s food hall, where Tyler went a tad out of hand being really fascinated at all those perfect looking food – oh our little cutiepie! Can’t wait to flood more pictures of those beautiful cherry blossoms here. x

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