Hong Kong

 The third day of our trip was Jon & my second wedding anniversary together. It’s almost hard to believe that the very same time a year ago, we were waiting patiently for Tyler to come on board into our little family and fast forward a year later, he’s already enjoying himself with us on a getaway together! We started our day over dim sum, served the traditional way using pushcarts, at Maxim’s Palace and it was just what we needed that morning. Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait too long to get a table since the place was already flooded with people when we arrived, it’s crazy! While Jon & I ate to our heart’s content, and Tyler also seemed to enjoy his fair of breakfast even though he probably only indulged in the beancurd that we ordered for him.

We spent the afternoon working out by climbing through the hills of Sheung Wan before we arrived at Tea-kha, where Stacey joined us for some drinks and desserts. It was quite a walk, and sadly Jon & I agreed that the drinks/desserts served at Tea-kha were overpriced and doesn’t taste as good as expected. Nonetheless, we had a good time just chilling around the area, going trigger happy with Tyler while we kept him occupied. Popped by Tai Cheong Bakery to grab the famous egg tarts, and it was no surprise that little Tyler tried his luck to steal a bite of them!

It was hard to give up on the chance to take some pictures around the Christmas decorations since we were visiting during the festive season, just like the previous time we were there! We then parted with Stacey for a simple anniversary dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I’m not exactly a fan of beef, so I went for a seafood main and oh goodness I was so pleasantly surprised by it! It wasn’t exactly a fancy meal, so we made it real simple. Couldn’t be more thankful and contented to spend our second wedding anniversary together, in a simple but most fulfilling way. x

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