HONG KONG 2016 ✘ I

The cutest grouchy little face

Green tea ice-cream bao from our little at Little Bao

Kim Wah Cafe

Wrapped Tyler up in my nursing cover to keep him warm. He definitely had a lot of fun while being in this getup!

Hong Kong

It has been slight more than three months since we returned from our very first family vacation to Hong Kong, and I have finally come to terms that I have lost almost all the photos I took on the very first day of our trip. We had such good fun exploring the hood of Sheung Wan, but all those memories that I saved in the form of photographs were all erased by accident. :'(

Sadder news aside, its Jon & my second trip to Hong Kong together and Tyler’s very first holiday together with us! Hong Kong was the choice for our vacation partly because Stacey was back in her hometown during that period and we figured it may possibly be a good reasons to revisit the land of dim sums – even though I have to say it probably isn’t the most baby-friendly option for a vacation. But yay, we did survived pretty well! Having a baby carrier and a compact stroller has got to be a life saviour when it comes to travelling with a baby.

Unlike our first trip to Hong Kong together, we revolved this trip mainly around food and with that Jon definitely enjoyed Hong Kong a lot more this time round. Not forgetting that a breastfeeding Mom always need to load up on her calories to stay sane and functional. Our very first stop after landing was to have lunch at where the locals dine at. Sing Heung Yuen served pretty simple yet amazing tomato noodles of different combination! Took a walk along the hipster shops along Sheung Wan, and we decided to pop back what’s opposite Sing Heun Yuen – the famous Kau Kee Beef Brisket! We were really lucky because there was no queue at all, so that definitely helped when we have Tyler with us!

Walking in the hood of Sheung Wan is definitely quite a feat with all that uphill slopes, especially when you are carrying a 10kg baby on you too. Little Bao was our dinner destination and with all that eating prior to that, it was no surprise that we only had a small portion for dinner. The truffle fries had a really unique flavour (with daikon in it!), and how could we leave the restaurant without ordering their signature fried baos with ice-cream fillings?

The next day, we covered where I remembered I enjoyed the most from the previous trip – Mong Kok! We had the traditional Hong Kong breakfast of pineapple buns (a.k.a polo buns) and milk tea at Kim Wah Cafe. It’s truly a challenge having to dine at somewhere that doesn’t provide any highchairs for kids, especially if they have extremely active hands and legs that go almost everywhere. Walked around the area to hunt of more little bites, when we chanced upon a stall that sold soy beancurd and we opted for the original flavour before adding anything else so that Tyler could relish whatever we were trying! Boy, did he enjoy his first taste of beancurd, he just couldn’t stop asking for more!

Took the MTR to Jordan, and we headed for the famous Australia Diary Co for lunch! I have no idea why we didn’t have this on our itinerary previously, but it was so so good! I absolutely loved the taste of the classic must-order macaroni, it’s making me salivate just at the thought of it. We were given an insanely small space to dine at and I had to sit sideways the whole time while babywearing Tyler, and that was definitely the toughest dining experience throughout our trip. After our meal, we walked a few stalls down and headed for round 2 at Mak’s Noodles. *inserts extremely hungry/greedy face* I wasn’t even kidding when I say that we went all out for food this trip.

We walked all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui to burn of the calories that we have loaded, and ending our walk at a mall would be the best so that we can find a place to change Tyler’s diapers. Oh yes, that’s how you plan your holiday when you are travelling with a little one. Headed back to Mongkok, and we met up with Stacey and Hilary for dinner at 66 Hot Pot! It was definitely one of the most savoury and delicious hot pot I’ve ever had – think about soaking your tastebuds in Gong Bao Chicken before adding some stock into it for some hot pot goodness! You can definitely count on the locals on bringing you to amazing food that are less touristy.

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