Tyler turns One

Kungfu fighting!

This series of Leah & Tyler’s photos are too cute not to share!

“Please stop. I need a break from taking all these photos!” *Yawn*

My boys.

Jon & I contemplated for quite a while on whether we should hold a party for Tyler’s first birthday, and we had to go through the details of the event (though not a lot) only two weeks prior to it. Thank you all of our dear family and friends who actually made time out to celebrate this day with us and our little one within such short notice, we truly appreciate your presence!

The past year has been nothing but an amazing journey called Parenthood, and it makes us smile (but such a bittersweet feeling) when we watch him grow into an active little boy who isn’t quite a baby anymore. I can’t believe that I actually got all emotional while watching the video that I did during the party, despite playing it countless of times while editing.

Tyler’s presence changed both our lives so much and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For me I felt more responsible, or perhaps even a better wife/cook, by venturing into the kitchen with a lot more food creations that I previously didn’t experiment with,  all in hope that Tyler gets a variety of nutrients, and in hope that he will be less of a picky eater in the future. And it’s funny how after we became parents, Jon doesn’t cook as much as he used to it’s almost like our roles has reversed in the kitchen.

Happy First birthday, sweetheart. And well done, Jon & I — we survived the first year of parenthood, and I think we did a pretty good job. To many more surprises that you’ll continue fill our lives with! x

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