Guten Morgen, Swiss: Interlaken x II

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The beautiful cast of the sunset over the mountains

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The most eventful part of our trip has got to be this very day during our stay in Interlaken. The weather was perfect and we woke up really early so that we can head up to Jungfraujoch that morning to catch what’s on the Top of Europe. The journey up involved many change of trains, and the train tickets were crazy expensive we splurged about S$250/pax – it’s insane! It would have made us feel better if we were to stay at Jungfrau the entire day, but because we had our kayaking session later that afternoon, we had to head back to Interlaken right after lunch. I have to say that the view of the Swiss Alps were absolutely breathtaking – there were so much snow covering them it didn’t feel quite like we were up in the mountains though! The hassle of a travelling breastfeeding mom also meant that I had to pump on the go, and it was also worth noting that I secretly pumped right in front of the ticketing counter & on the train!

Later that afternoon, we headed over to Lake Brienz for our private kayaking tour with Hightide Kayak School! This has gotta be the most exciting part of our trip since we wanted to give skiing a miss since Jon figured we shouldn’t be doing anything too vigorous as it’d be only about 2 months since the c-sect and he wouldn’t want me to hurt myself. Due to some restrains (e.g. initial bad weather) we had to postpone the kayak tour, and we almost wanted to cancel our session just so that we didn’t have to rush around. But we were so thankful that we sticked on because it was truly unforgettable! The weather was on our side that afternoon and we kayaked for about 2-3 hours and had the entire lake to ourselves – just us, the Swiss Alps and the emerald glacier water (and of course our guide). The dry suit which we opted for kept us dry and warm, as ridiculous as it sounds this was perfect for me as I wasn’t quite ready to get wet while doing this water sport!

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