Guten Morgen, Swiss: Thun & Interlaken x I

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Absolutely fascincated at how clear the waters of the canals in Switzerland are!

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Our stay at Interlaken was probably the longest pit stop throughout our Swiss adventure – with it being three nights long. But who’s to complain when our accommodation was at Hotel Royal St George’s Interlaken? We couldn’t remember when was the last time we actually booked a hotel for our trip since AirBnB changed our traveling game, and truth to be told, we only opted for the hotel because we couldn’t find any suitable accommodation or AirBnB in the area. But hell yeah, it definitely does feel good to be pampered staying in a hotel setting once again after what seems like forever!

Like what Queenstown is to New Zealand, Interlaken is a place where there are tons of action-packed activities of Switzerland. You could almost instantly tell from the moment you witness all that adventure with the paragliders landing on the huge grass patch in the city centre from the surrounding mountains!

We wanted to visit Kandersteg  and to go for the mountain coaster ride that everyone was sharing, but because it is only open during the summer we had to miss the opportunity of doing so. Nonetheless, we still took a 40 minutes drive to over because Jon found a restaurant online where they served amazing cheese fondue & rösti. So off to this little restaurant of Landgasthof Ruedihus we went! It is a hotel that takes the form of really beautiful old Swiss cottage, and it felt exceptionally cosy when we took a table by the window watching the snow fall outside, while enjoying our tomato cheese fondue and mushroom rösti. The beautiful setting of the restaurant made it feel like a true Swiss adventure! Kandersteg is really such a quaint and lovely town by the valley.

We spent a day exploring what’s near, but out, of Interlaken – and this flexibility is exactly what I really love about road trips! We got ourselves going on an impromptu drive to Grindelwald, which I found myself really being mesmerised by the beauty of this small little town against the backdrop of the beautiful Swiss Alps, and for some reason it felt really surreal and different from the other Swiss towns that we have came across with.

Thun was one of the destination we visited during our impromptu drives, and I can’t decide if it was a blessing in disguise that it was actually a public holiday when we visited. The shops were mostly closed, but that also meant that we didn’t have to deal with the crowd while exploring the beauty of this Swiss town. That also explained why it took us a short few hours to finish exploring what this city has for us sans the shopping!

Interlaken was definitely the most adventure-filled part of our trip, and more of it in the next post! x

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