TYLER: The Sixth Month Mark

DSCF9260 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9359 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9370 (Priime Aolani)
I couldn’t help but to share this because his expression is just too hilarious!

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DSCF9540 (Priime Aolani)
“I need some help with these cheeks. They are weighing a ton!”

DSCF9549 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9551 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9560 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9561 (Priime Aolani)

Tyler’s first experience at the poolDSCF9563 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9583 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9588 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9599 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9604 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9606 (Priime Aolani)
We couldn’t stop laughing how tightly this boy is holding on to his float (or his life for that matter)!

DSCF9616 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9634 (Priime Aolani)
J couldn’t help but to guard over Tyler as he takes his shower.

DSCF9643 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9658 (Priime Aolani)

DSCF9662 (Priime Aolani)

This little bundle of joy turned six months old today!

I have no idea where did all that time go, but it definitely didn’t feel like it was only six months considering how this little guy grew of from this to what he is now — a lot more chubbier, a lot more active, and definitely a lot more character of his own! He has been such a smiley baby, always greeting the both of us in the morning with that wide smile on his face, it’s as though nothing else really mattered except for him and that’s true.

Since he turned three months old, he learnt how to manoeuvre himself around on his tummy and is able to crawl, sitting up a lot more with some assistance, started on his solid food feeding experience, hit the pool for the first time, goes into a laughing frenzy while playing, and the list goes on. I have become someone who is crazy with this little baby, constantly taking pictures & videos and for the first time ever I have got more than 380 videos in my phone with more than 95% being Tyler — so yes, you have my permission to call me insane.

I’m supposed to be at work as I am typing this right now, but I am taking care of Tyler instead. The poor boy is down with an air way infection, and while he is a lot more easily irritable today, he is generally active and kicking fine just like usual days. I can’t wait for him to get all better so that he will be laughing and smiling like his usual self again.

Get well soon my little baby. Daddy & Mommy love you so, so much! x

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