TYLER: First Solids Experience


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Time flew by just like that it has been almost six months (5.5 months to be exact) since I exclusively breastfed Tyler, and I think I deserve a little pat on my back because I have met my first breastfeeding goal (yay)! I am absolutely thankful and blessed to have a relatively smooth breastfeeding journey thus far. And while I really enjoy this special bond with my son, Jon & I couldn’t wait to start solids with Tyler because it’d be so much fun introducing him all the good stuff that we enjoy – without the artificial flavouring that is!

 On the day we planned to feed Tyler, Jon fixed up the high chair that we got before he was born and I almost forgot how beautiful it was! Just two weeks before, I placed my orders for the essentials for solids feeding such as the baby food steamer & blender (even though I resisted not getting this but succumb to the convenience this gadget can provide and the hassle it saves us from) and a handful of the baby food storage cups. I rationalized that it would be much easier if we prepare a batch of food purées at a go considering the incredibly small portion they consume at a go, and the storage cups would make a good “library of purées” in my freezer, along with the fact that it will be so much easier for me to bring them over to my Mom, who’s Tyler’s main caregiver while Jon & I are away at work.

At this point of time, while milk is still the main source of nutrients for a baby, solids are introduced to merely open up his experiences to taste and textures, it took us some time to decide on what we should pick for our first food. Initially we wanted to go with bananas, but we decided to go with vegetables that are less sweet instead, so we went for spinach! We were glad that Tyler didn’t reject his bowl of spinach purée (even though I over estimated how much he might probably be able to take. It was so hilarious because his hands were beneath his bib and all he wanted to do was to put them into his mouth, and that explains why his face & bib was full of spinach purée. So if you are planning on starting solids for your little bub and is considering not to get a bib/use a cloth bib, I strongly advise to go for a plastic/rubber ones so that cleaning up would be a breeze! Nonetheless, it was an absolutely adorable sight when you see the little human sitting before you not giving a care about the mess he created on himself!

After our first spoon feeding experience with Tyler, we concluded that we should always shower him after we feed considering the crazy amount of mess he creates during the process!

Absolutely can’t wait for him to explore more food! x

Products used
Farlin Bon Bon BowlPhilip Avent Steamer & Blender, Happy Mummy Baby Food Storage Cups, Ingenuity 3-in-1 High Chair

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