Guten Morgen, Swiss: Bern

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Old swiss buildings, cobblestone floor, beautiful afternoon glow — that’s what I remembered about our impromptu visit to Bern.

The bad weather on the day we headed up to Mt Pilatus got us on an impromptu drive to the beautiful city of Bern. Truth to be told, we decided to leave this city out of our travel plans when we were planning our itinerary but it turned out to be our favourite city throughout our trip! It had it’s unique charm different from the other European cities that we have been to, we loved how easy it was to roam in this little city.

Jon drove us up to Rosengarten (Rose Garden) which overlooks Bern, and the view was amazing it almost looks surreal – the city was nicely surrounded by a river with an outstanding clock tower, almost like a scene of a castle from a fairytale! We later drove the car down to the foot of the hill and walked across the bridge to the city and roam the place via foot while we were there. Initially I dreaded Jon’s idea of doing that because it seems like I had to be doing a lot of walking (yes, I was feeling lazy then) but it really wasn’t as bad as I thought! From afar, the clock tower looked really deep into the city but when we got down to walking it wasn’t long later when we reached what seems to be the centre.

I love how neat this little city was arranged, and it wasn’t hard to get around. Bern has its own old swiss city charm, it looked very unique to its own even with the stores that we can find in Zürich or even back home!  We were exploring the city when we got hungry and Jon chanced upon this signage that showed pulled beef & chicken burger at this hole-in-the-wall gelato shop, and it was so good we almost bought a second one!

Wished that we had a little more time on hand to explore more of Bern, but at the end of the day, we just so thankful that we decided to do a small day trip to Bern and experience her charm. x

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