Guten Morgen, Swiss: Lucerne

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Breastfeeding makes me super hungry, so Jon stocked these up in our bag to save my hungry soul.

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DSCF8266 (Priime Aolani)

Our second swiss destination was Lucerne, and we spent three nights there. Although it was another city like Zürich, it had a completely different feel – perhaps it seems a little more laid back feeling to this old city, but it certainly has its charm. But one common thing that Jon & I agreed was that we loved the Old Towns of both cities.

Since Paris, Jon cannot stop himself from entering bakeries/boulangeries whenever we go by one. A bag of caramelized wafers with almonds caught the attention of my sweet tooth, and it was indeed a treat for the both of us! We couldn’t resist opening it and we stuffed ourselves with that as we walked along the streets despite knowing how sinful it probably is. (Psst: We bought some back to go with our Vanilla Haagan Dazs ice-cream heh!)

Since we were traveling with a car, we bought a Tell Pass which was cheaper for covering the mountains that we were planning to explore in Lucerne! A pity that on our trip up to Mount Pilatus, the weather wasn’t very kind to us and all we got was a fogged up view so we left feeling very unimpressed. ☹ Thank goodness the weather was absolutely perfect when we went up to Mount Titlis the very next day – the sky was perfectly clear, and we had our very first view of the magnificent Swiss Alps! It’s hard for both Jon and I not to behave like kids when there’s snow around us, and when there isn’t anyone watching.

Going through these images is definitely having me reliving those Swiss dreams with my favourite man. x

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