Guten Morgen, Swiss: Zürich

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Jon & I decided to go for a couple getaway in March to Switzerland because of the promotion by Emirates, and we left Tyler in the good hands of my in-laws. It was a long and tiring flight, and being a breastfeeding mother just meant that I had to wake up to pump every three hours – and even though transits is really great for our feet, having to go through the customs again was quite a dread.

Zürich was our first stop and after we landed, we headed off to our AirBnB apartment which was about a 10 minutes walk from Zürich’s Main Station to settle down for the night. We turned in early for the night and started exploring Zürich city early next morning, and we agreed that we loved the Old Town a lot better than the New Town after a day of endless walking. Surprisingly, we thought that Switzerland wasn’t as expensive as expected probably because we didn’t indulge in dining at restaurants – but we thoroughly enjoyed walking along the streets and grabbing bites & takeaway as we walk along to try different food. The poulet sandwich from Louis Takeaway was worth mentioning; this hidden gem was so good! A crowd started flocking in after we joined the queue, and we figured it must be really good and it was! We wanted to grab a second sub at the end of our trip, but it wasn’t opened and I was secretly devastated. Our point was also justified when we groceries shopping and we concluded Norway peaks as the most expensive country for the time being.

 We wanted to cover our Switzerland trip by train because we were told of how efficient the Swiss transport system was, but we decided to rent a car just a few days before we fly because we still preferred the ease and flexibility we get from road trips. So picked up our car from the car rental on the second morning, and took an hour drive to to Rheinfall before heading towards our next Swiss city. It’s the largest plain waterfall in Europe, and it was indeed magnificent! I am not sure if it is just me, but I do feel that the little red swiss flag makes their attraction a little prettier on photos heh.

Definitely kickstarted our trip to Swiss on a high note! x

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