Tyler’s 100th Day Party

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With both of Tyler’s Godma

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Yo Bro Jonas! *fist bump!*

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Check out Tyler’s smirk!

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Hello Leah!

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A Tyler & Leah Series
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With our neighbour’s little girls! We forsee that they may be playing together a lot in the years to come.

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Our neighbours 

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Tyler’s cousin

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Today our little sweetheart turns a 100 days old!

 Over the weekends, we celebrate little Tyler’s 100 days party with our family and friends! We woke up early in the morning, and while I had to fix up the balloon decorations, prepare Tyler and made sure all the vendors were ready by the allocated time, Jon went out to help me run some errands. I was really happy with the outcome of how our home/party looked at the end of it!

The weather was warm and with the huge crowd we had at our small abode, but thank goodness that didn’t spoil the mood of the day. We had our friends over in the afternoon and our family & relatives later that evening, and I have to admit that it was hard trying to make sure that different groups of people were not feeling left out. Jon and I were sure tired by the end of the day. Even Tyler stayed up most of the time throughout the day fell asleep really quickly at the end of the day – he was probably dead tired from “hosting” the guests together with us. Really sorry that some guests couldn’t grab a picture together with our little bub because he was sleeping, but he was definitely thankful to have you there with us!

Even before Tyler was born, we have decided to hold a 100 Day Party instead of the traditional full month. Jon figured that more people would appreciate a baby’s cuteness when they got a little older, and would probably be a little more interactive too. I was worried that this little guy would have his mischievous times during the party, but thank goodness he was well behaved throughout the day!

Couldn’t be more thankful for a smooth and happy day! Thank you all for coming, blessing Tyler with gifts, red packets and love! ✘

4 thoughts on “Tyler’s 100th Day Party

  1. Congratulations, Jon and Kellyn! Baby Tyler is adorable (I must say, he looks just like his daddy!). Many blessings to you guys. xx

    • Thank you Sarah for your kind words! We get a mix of who Tyler looks like, but it doesn’t matter because he is just too adorable in both of our eyes hehe! x

  2. Definately a happy baby with so much love. Never easy, Never give up! 加油 Tyler PapaMama!
    *dont forget about the swimming session Tylerbro 😏*

    • Yes thank you Jonas Daddy! We’ll arrange one Sunday for the two bubs for their swimming session together soon! (But we probably need to get him a swim suit first!)

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