TYLER: The Three Months Mark

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Time flies and this little bub is thirteen weeks/three months old today. Life is nothing like what I have thought it would have been. While I thought having a kid would mean life will be full of fatigue, stressed up moments, and the feeling of being tied down, that’s not what I am experiencing right now. In fact, on the contrary, life has been beautiful in the simplest way. Forget about breakfast, I’d spend mornings doing nothing but lying in bed with this little fella who just woke up and is giggling & smiling away, pretending to have a conversation that we both understood. The smile that he wears is so contagious and really, really precious and I wouldn’t trade anything else for that time spent. I never knew how someone so small who barely knows anything about this harsh world can teach us so much about love.

When Jon & I were on our trip in Switzerland, I was sharing with him how I am concerned that Tyler’s neck isn’t strong and he doesn’t seem to be lifting his head yet. But on the second day after we got back, Tyler did exactly just that! He held his head up for a good whole 10 seconds or so, and I was over the moon with the little surprise he had for me. I am looking forward to him witnessing him hitting his milestones slowly, one at a time.

This boy has truly grown so much over such a short span of time — will time just take a step back, and slow down for us please? Meanwhile, I am just gonna spam taking an abundance of his photos till my camera breaks down on me.

Can’t believe I am returning to work the next week, and it is gonna be nothing but a huge struggle within me having to part with this guy every morning. :'(

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