A Decade.

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Sadly, Jon couldn’t be here with me on our 10th year anniversary so we spent the whole of yesterday out with Tyler as a little celebration together. Nothing too fancy, just spending a simple day out with the special ones.

Spent the afternoon at Art Science Museum together with our little bub, and he seems to be so fascinated with the moving projections! Jon & I thought that Tyler would really enjoy it a lot more if he was a little older because there were so many interactive exhibitions that really engages the little ones – which explains why there were so many kids around even though it was a weekday afternoon.

We had a simple Chinese fair dinner, and I told Jon to do the ordering because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else apart from looking at Tyler. He was so engrossed with looking at the menu with his Daddy as though he knew what he was looking at, and was bursting with happy expressions as if he would get to eat them later. It was absolutely hilarious!

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And of course a baby isn’t a baby without fussing.

It’s absolutely amusing how he started fussing the moment food was served, because it was as though he was screaming “How can I look at the menu and not have a share of anything at all?”. And of course the problem was solved when I fed him right at that moment.

Just tell me how can I concentrate on anything when this little guy in front is giving a myriad of expressions that I can’t take my eyes off from?This bub is always amusing Jon and I so much that the both of us always end off our day with watching the videos we took of him, even though he is just soundly asleep beside us.  Sigh, it is true when they say motherhood changes everything. Nothing comes above family right now, especially when it comes to Tyler.

On this special day, I can only be extremely thankful that we have started a little family of our own. There’s nothing that makes me feel on top of the world apart from having you beside me to start & end every single day together, be it good or bad. Thank you for being my better half, my Best Friend, and the amazing Father to our child that you are.


Here’s to the life changing decade that has gone by, and to many more exciting adventures ahead of us — happy 10th year anniversary, my sweet love. x

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