Life with Little Tyler

J on guard duty by Tyler’s cot


Like Father, like Son



Chubby cheeks

Lunch date with Jon & Tyler at Open Farm Community

Bath time with Daddy

One of his many hilarious expressions

Mornings with this little guy

Hello people, I am Tyler!




Can’t believe how time has flew by just like that, it has been slightly more than two months since we first met our precious little one. Those few weeks had me learning and understanding a lot more about this adorable little human, and it is true when they say that it’s amazing how much a baby can teach you about love you never thought possible. Looking back at his older pictures made me realised how he had grown, and how different he looked in different pictures/expressions! But they all make me smile from ear to ear.

The first month has been rather challenging but thankfully manageable with Jon and the help of my Mother-in-law, who was doing my confinement. I used to think that diaper changing is a dirty job (and it is!), but strangely it didn’t bother us – the only complain I have for it was the tediousness of cleaning up & applying cream religiously on his bum during every change! It’s true when people say that post-natal blues are real, because there were a few occasions when I felt stressed (and upset at myself) when Tyler wasn’t feeding well, and when I felt that everything familiar felt so foreign to me all of a sudden. There were moments when I burst out in tears in Jon’s arms at bedtime because I was just feeling so down, but thankfully he made it a lot easier for me.

Breastfeeding seems like the most natural thing to offer Tyler, but I never knew that there was so much work behind trying to build and maintain a supply for this sweetheart. Waking up in the middle of the night to feed and pump, that definitely contributed to what made it difficult to open my eyelids in the morning. I was determined to breastfeed him for a least a year, so I was resistant to offer him milk bottles and pacifiers until he was about 6 weeks old, and my efforts paid off even though there were stressful moments that would make me succumb to the easier option. But I was also thankful that this little guy also accepted drinking off the milk bottle when we introduced it to him because I have friends’ babies who only wants their Mom & rejects the bottle, and that really made it very difficult for her to get things done.

Every morning, I’d try my best to wake up early to catch this little boy being wide awake for an hour or two (usually when Jon is still asleep) before he drift back into his sleep again is definitely one of the most precious time spent. He has been blabblering & smiling/laughting a lot, and seeing this boy full of his myriad of expressions just starts my day on a high note despite being tired from the late night feeding, pumping, and diaper changing sessions. That’s when my iPhone would be my best friend, and I’d start snapping photos and record videos to show Jon what he had missed in the morning. Even at night when Tyler falls asleep, Jon & I agree that we could lay by his side and just watch how the light reflects off the face of this little angel, and that could go on forever.

Life has been challenging, but a lot more beautiful than before. It’s really amazing what parenthood does to you. Every day is a new lesson with this guy, and we are looking forward to seeing the fine guy this little one will grow into, and what kind of parents we’ll become.

Thank you for being the tremendous joy of Daddy & Mommy’s lives. We love you so, so much. ✗

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