TYLER: The Waiting Game & The First Week

My maternity leave started approximately 2.5 weeks before Tyler’s estimated due date, so Jon & I dedicated this time to prepare ourselves with the errands and cleaning up that we need to do before his arrival. And of course I thought that during this period, it was a good time for me to catch up on the rest that I needed before life gets hectic for the both of us again.

We have to admit that the waiting game was quite a ride, and soon I got a little impatient.

On the 6th of Jan, one day before his estimated due date, we waited for signs of him trying to say Hi to us but to no avail. Truth to be told, I was actually pretty concerned because I think I felt a little too comfortable to be “going into labour any time soon” and I was right. I have been sleeping fine throughout my entire pregnancy with no disruption or physical discomfort, but I haven’t been sleeping well as the day draws nearer. Not because I had to wake up frequently to pee like most preggers, but subconsciously I was just waiting for some signs to happen in the middle of the night – my mind was just half awake and I wake up feeling like I have barely slept. By the 7th, there was still nothing. Jon & I decided to make a trip down to the relief gynae because I wanted to check how dilated and at what stage of effacement I was, and I was pretty much right about my own body – I was only 1cm dilated with barely any effacement of the cervix.

Maybe because I couldn’t wait to meet Tyler already, or maybe I was just starting to get sick of being pregnant already, or maybe it’s just both. We thought of heading over to the hospital for induction later that night, but then we weighed out the possibilities and decided to just wait on a little more because as much as I could, I’d like to deliver my baby naturally instead of putting myself at a possibility of going through an emergency c-section, especially when my status of dilation was almost zilch. We decided to wait for my gynae who was back from his leave on the 8th (Friday) and see what he suggests; and he told us that we could continue waiting till Monday or induce, and we chose the former. But he suggested that we made our way to hospital the next day to check if the baby is doing fine to eliminate any risks/complications.

On the 9th, we did the CDG test & ultrasound, and all was good… Except that the Tyler’s weight was a whooping 3.6kg, instead of being 3.1kg which was measured just two days back, and we were asked to make our way down to the gynae right after that instead of waiting till Monday. We couldn’t help but laughed about it because Jon always joked to Tyler how he should try hit 4.0kg before he sees the world. Only then we knew the seriousness of it — there was a 50-50 chance that I had to go through an emergency c-sect even after induction because Tyler was big in size and he may not be able to pass through the birth canal/pelvic bone. With my relatively smaller bone structure, it just didn’t make sense to me that I had to go through c-section if I still opted for natural birth via induction after enduring all that pain. I was so crestfallen that I cried – after all that waiting, it looks like c-section was what made more sense. It took me awhile to settle in, and with Jon’s words that made me feel better, we scheduled for a c-section later that evening.

I opted for local anaesthesia so that Jon could be by my side and witness the initial moments of our first child together. I never thought that I’d react like this, but I actually teared when I first heard Tyler wailed, and so did Jon. When they placed the crying baby in my arms, I tried to soothe him and it was as though he understood me and stopped. It was so precious.































Thank you to all that has come by to visit little Tyler. ✘
(And sorry to those that I missed out taking pictures of when I was feeling a little unwell)

We didn’t hire any confinement lady, so Jon’s mom came by to stay and help us prepare our meals during my confinement period so we could spend all our time taking care of Tyler. Thank goodness he hasn’t been too difficult for us; he sleeps very well even with the chattering and noise around, relatively easy to soothe when he wails, and only wakes up an average of two times in the middle of the night for feedings. Looking at this little munchkin doing his stretches, funny expressions and what not always brings a smile to the faces of everyone around. I guess the only complain that I have thus far is about not being able to shower on a daily basis during confinement.

Jon and I couldn’t be more thankful to have him join our little family.

How is it that you are just a week old now? It felt like we have loved you forever, precious.


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