2015: 365/365

2015 definitely flew by in a blink of an eye. In summary…

  1. It was the first (full) year that Jon & I spent together as a married couple.
  2. Of course, the biggest highlight of our year was finding out that we would be expecting our little one – and thankfully a very smooth pregnancy experience thus far.
  3. Sadly, we only got to travel once this year because of my pregnancy. But I’d like to add that it was one of the best travel experience with my favourite travel companion. Being able to visit the less commonly visited places (Iceland & Norway), and being able to strike off witnessing the Northern Lights & Dog Sledding off my bucket list was definitely the highlight of our honeymoon. ✌︎

The Tyler-bump turns 39 weeks old yesterday, and I am into the second week of my maternity leave already. But it does seems that Tyler is getting comfortable inside, or he has been hearing his parents telling him to hold his horses and wait till the arrival of 2016 (or even better, till the actual due date) and yes he is an obedient little boy!

Jon and I have spent the last few days going through a major spring cleaning of our place, sorting things up and clearing the mess, all in preparation for Tyler’s arrival – but it definitely feels good to be welcoming 2016 with a spanking clean and neat space! Amazing how someone that’s so small is able make such a big impact the both of us and our families.

As mentioned many times before: 2016 is definitely gonna be a year of unknown challenges with the arrival of someone who is gonna be so fragile and dependent on you, and while I am looking forward to seeing how the both of us are growing into parenthood, I certainly hope that Jon & I will always bear in mind our roles to each other as lovers and best friends. The both of us do have some travel plans up our sleeves, and here’s hoping that both our work and the little one is kind enough to let us go on our adventures with ease.

And of course… here’s hoping that the delivery would be a smooth and quick one, and I’d be able to get back in shape and regain my pre-pregnancy weight of being 44kg in no time. Can’t wait to kick start our year with Tyler together!


Goodbye 2015, and to an eventful 2016 ahead!

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