The First, since the Knot

Being Married

“Within the protective walls of marriage, you are able to discover the best and worst of each others’ inner selves. You learn forgiveness, and love on a level never thought possible. The need to have someone by our side, to walk through time with, is felt in the depths of our soul. When you marry your soul mate you must cling to each other, defend each other, respect each other and cherish each other. As time goes by you will look back on your lives and even though there might have been some hard times, you realize you wouldn’t have it any other way because you had each other.”

It has been about a week since we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary together, but every day together with this man still feels like a brand new start to a relationship – except that it comes with the comfort of what they describe as an “old couple”.

If there is one thing that Marriage changed me, it would be learning to let go of the little things that annoy you so that neither of us would go to bed angry. I knew I was anal about many little things when I was younger – I remembered how I cried for days when we ended up quarrelling on our very first Christmas together, and that made me so devastated because I really love Christmas – and we ended up in disagreement for so long it made me so sad. Thinking back, I couldn’t even remember what it was that we quarrelled about so I’d assume that it was really too small a matter. And while the both of us aren’t perfect individuals, I noticed that the both of us definitely helped each other grow positively in so many ways we didn’t even realise.

Less than a year ago, we thought of how we should be celebrating our very first wedding anniversary and we listed down a list of potential places to explore together. But all of that plans were dropped the moment we found out that I was pregnant, especially when we knew that I’d be at towards the end of the pregnancy by the time it is our anniversary. So there we have it, celebrating our two day long anniversary (Jon calls this a trap, but hey it’s a fact that our wedding was indeed held over two days no?) in the simplest of ways.

Being together with my Best Friend has always been a form of drive in so many different phases of our lives — every reunion during our LDR, saving for the arrival of our home, building our own sanctuary when it finally arrived, the wedding preparation — and I thought things are gonna take it a little slow, and maybe even a little aimless after marriage. But how wrong was I. This past year has been such an adventure – from our honeymoon, my pregnancy, and to the simplest thing like our daily routine of going back to the comfort of our own home and favourite person – they are all such an eye opener to the both of us, and it’s something we can’t be thankful enough. As I am in the last phase of pregnancy, we’re extremely thankful that Jon and I had a full year of married life with just the two of us, and we know that Tyler’s arrival in a month’s time is about to change everything.

A new adventure, a new experience unfamiliar yet exciting for us.

Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my best friend & partner-in-crime. ♡

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  1. really love reading your posts^^ you always inspire me so much, really. both of you will be great parents! Happy first wedding anniversary to you and jon! =D

    • Xinyi, Aww thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and kind words! I doubt anyone really reads this space anymore because I no longer update it as regularly as I used to, so thank you for staying here with me! x

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