Pregnancy: Into the Final lap

Passing the middle mark of the pregnancy is such a relief because you know that your little one is growing well with the ballooning of your bump as the days passes. Almost every night, Jon will stroke my growing belly and communicate with Tyler, then comment to me how much my bump has grown. I’m very thankful that my mood is rather uplifted 90% of the time and I hope that will leave a positive impact on little Tyler.

At week 27, I received my weekly notification from the pregnancy app I’ve on my phone to track the growth of the little one, only to realise that I have entered into the third trimester of my pregnancy – in other words, it’s down to the final lap without me even realising it. I think I have said this a million times already but I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been really easy on me thus far with just occasionally backaches, and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the delivery will be as smooth as my pregnancy.

So we headed out to our first baby fair and lugged back all the essentials we need for Tyler, and I felt a whole lot more ready for his arrival just with that one shopping trip! And I have also noticed how I hardly shop for myself anymore since I found out I was pregnant, because everything somehow (and naturally) started revolving around our unborn child – from adorable little clothes, to toiletries and creams – it was almost easy to fall into the trap of buying everything being a new parent.


One day after reaching home from work, I was surprised to see that Jon has set up the cot and placed it next to our bed (where Tyler will actually be sleeping when he arrives) because we were still about a month (or even two) away from when we actually intend to open it up from the box. I guess that’s Jon’s way to expressing how excited he is for his son to arrive.

Being practical people as the both of us are, we have done up our other room with a functional bed (for two) the moment we got our home, hence we don’t have the luxury of creating a dreamy nursery for our little one. We just thought that our kid(s) will be growing up faster than we know, and they would be sleeping in proper beds in a blink of an eye – that we’ve definitely got it ready. Nonetheless, I really thought that little Tyler’s cot really looks so cosy and comfy, and both of us are already imagining how it would be like when he is bunking in the same bedroom as us.

Jon & I really love the smell of this Baby Laundry Detergent that we bought – it almost smells like strawberry ice-cream! 

We have been taking our days off from work exceptionally slow, and as I approach week 35, I think we are more or less ready with the things that we need to grab for little Tyler so we started having his laundry done to prepare for his arrival! We figured that if it was recommended that I should have my hospital bag ready by week 35, it makes sense that we should have everything else ready too just in case he decides to pop early to say Hi.

I am absolutely thankful to find myself sleeping through the night and not having a chance to experience any heartburn – but on the down side, I am starting to see the starting slight signs of water retention on my feet and Jon is actually finding it very cute (and amused). There are just some days where we would like on the sofa and laugh at my “pig trotters” and have ourselves entertained just like that. Once we were laughing so much to ourselves, Jon just held my belly and whispered to Tyler…

 “Daddy & Mommy are so happy together, and you’ll only make it better.”

I can’t exactly say that I have had very strong maternal instincts, but now I can strongly say that I am looking forward to the arrival of our son. Daddy & Mommy really can’t wait to see you, little Tyler, and we can’t believe we might just be meeting you in about 5 weeks or less. x

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