Pregnancy: Transition

Just a few months before Jon & I tied the knot, my Dad came up to remind me of a statement (with a smirk on the face and nothing less) that I made to him as a little girl…

You said that you want to be a nun and not get married & have children?

Being young and naive, I may have said that because, even though I never had the chance to experience it then, I knew pregnancy was a very painful thing and I feared that. I don’t know what made me think that way then, but I just did. As time passed, and now I am pregnant with the child of the most amazing man I have met, I think the pain is probably going to be all worth it.

week7Week 7 – Where the bump is hardly visible, but I was definitely conscious about how “fat” I’d look in my clothes.

It’s true when they say that you eat stuff that you don’t usually fancy on normal days, and you repel some of your favourites. The thought of (what’s usually) a comforting bowl of sliced fish soup/yong tau fu makes me gag, and I have had chunky peanut butter spread on my bread for breakfast for an entire week — that’s probably more than what I’ve had in the past ten years of my life.

Even when I was at week 14, I was still drifting in and out of my morning sickness but it was a whole lot easier to bear. I gagged a lot lesser, able to start thinking of more food with that burst of appetite, and… I got hungry a lot faster than I usually do. Apart from that, I was getting quite a fair bit of pimples due to the hormonal changes. ☹ Thankfully by week 16, I could say I had my appetite back even though I still stayed clear from my usual favourites and went for more savoury options — and that made the following part of pregnancy to date a lot easier to deal with.

Now that I am in the second trimester, I feel great. It was as good as when I wasn’t pregnant (except that I got tired more easily), sometimes I even have to be reminded by Jon to move slowly. It’s also when I started noticing movements on my belly, it’s like our little one was taking a swim around and I could literally see it moving from one corner to the other. That sight felt really amazing yet comforting; it was like he was having his fair share of fun and that was when I was really surprised that I was consumed by a huge sense of relieve to know he is doing fine. I mean, this whole pregnancy experience is completely foreign to me and I really have no idea what to expect.

Week 18 – Where I started experiencing wardrobe crisis with that relatively more visible bump.

One thing that I noticed since my pregnancy, or even way back to the time that we moved in together, was that I’ve never been happier — we have never been happier. The usual conversations we share in bed before calling it a day now shares a lot more laughter than usual, we hardly get angry or quarrel, and I am hoping that this will stay like this for a long time. With my mood before more uplifted than the norm, we are hoping that we’ll have a happy baby literally!

Earlier this week, towards the end of week 19, we made our way to our gynae for the long awaited gender reveal. If I haven’t mentioned in this space before, I thought that it would be a girl when I first found out I was pregnant. But as the days passed, that feeling faded and the instinct of having a boy creeped in and stayed throughout the rest of my pregnancy – and because Jon wanted a daughter, I indirectly “brain washed” him to believing that we were having a boy it was just funny how Jon started talking to our unborn child as though he/she is a boy.

As we made our way into the consultation, I was actually more excited/nervous than I would expect considering I am the most neutral person I’ve met when it comes to the preference of having a girl or boy. The moment the doctor did an ultrasound to check on the wellbeing of our child, and proceeded to ask if we wanted to know/already knew the gender of our kid, it was an obvious answer on the screen before he even revealed the answer to us. Little Tyler spread open his legs so wide to us it was as though he was screaming “Hello Daddy & Mommy, I am a boy!” it was hilarious. And even though Jon always wished for a girl, his smile was as wide as I remembered it to be when we did the first ultrasound to check if I was pregnant. :’)

I knew that the gender of our kid didn’t really matter, all we really want is for our kid to grow up to be a healthy and happy person.

Week 20 – “Life is about Moments”

So hello there, Tyler! We can’t wait to meet you, and I know you are going to blossom into a fine young man, just like your Dad. And even though I am getting confused if the churning in my stomach is a sign of hunger or you moving about, please keep them coming so that we know you are doing great. Daddy has been trying to talk to you quite a bit, and putting his ears next to my tummy to hear your movements too. We are both amazed at how much you grow every single day, and you have been exceptionally kind to me without any morning sickness and major discomfort through my pregnancy thus far, and I know that’s your way of showing me your love.

We love you little one.

With Lots of Love,
Your Mom x

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  1. hello! may i ask where did you get the signage “hello i am tyler”? i really like it!

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