Pregnancy: Discovering our little One

I still remembered clearly that it was Mother’s Day when I found out that a dear friend was pregnant and I felt really excited for her. That very night, I had a dream that I was expecting a pair of twins (oh my gosh I seriously freaked out) and was already two months pregnant. I woke up with a shock and told Jon about it, and then I recalled about some physical changes about myself that I did not even bother about – I just thought I was adding on some weight. But also because I just bought a beauty device that should not be used if I was expecting, I got a little paranoid and decided to perform a test with the home pregnancy kit later that night.

One line meant negative, two lines meant positive. But there was a distinct line and a faint one, and that left me confused with the results. So am I pregnant, or not?

Then I searched online and many said that if that line is faint it could mean that you are most likely in the early stage of pregnancy, and the best time to do the test is actually the first pee of the day. And I did so the next morning, with a pregnancy kit from another brand.

Two lines. Two distinct lines.

One week after our discovery, we made a visit to the gynae to confirm on the pregnancy to ensure it wasn’t a false positive. The gynae did an ultrasound, and showed us the waterbag, and then our Baby, and his/her heart that was beating. I absorbed the facts very calmly instead of being overwhelmed (maybe it was because the baby looked more like a ball-of-something instead of a fetus), and then turned to look at my husband. He was bursting with a wide smile. That very smile I caught on his face when I was walking down the aisle to him.

I was six weeks pregnant then, and we were expecting to see our little one on the 8th January 2016 — exactly a month after our first year wedding anniversary. Curious on when exactly I was expecting, I tracked back on the calendar and found out that I was pregnant on our 9th anniversary! Either there was too much coincidence, or our kid really just loves his/her parents so much that he wants to make our days a little more special than it already was. :’)

Ever since then, I felt responsible for every little thing I did; from the choice of food I take, to the littlest actions I make. The morning sickness lasted from week 7 to approximately week 12 for me, and it was thankfully bearable — I didn’t throw up, but it really felt miserable because I couldn’t enjoy my food and the thought of food makes me gag.


Jon made sure I had breakfast every day and bought foods/fruits that were rich in vitamins for the fetus development in the first trimester. Waking up early to make breakfast and lunch that I could take away to work, creating menus for the entire week. He was obviously more anxious than I was, in a very good way. I always knew that he would not only make a good husband but a very good Dad too. But when my appetite became worse, I had to stop him from cooking because everything about my diet became too unpredictable and I figured it’d be easier if I ate out. Not being able to enjoy my food (or the fact that I didn’t even feel like eating because of the poor appetite) for six long weeks was really quite dampening, but I had to force myself to eat to feed my growing little one.

Throughout the first trimester, I know that the only thing that pushes me through the days was the fact that I was going to see Jon every night.


Just last week when we went for the last check up at the Gynae, everything started setting into me because the ultrasound finally showed our baby in a form that’s more like a human, and also being able to hear our Baby’s heartbeat. I got a more emotional inside me than I’d have expected, seeing the features of our unborn child. It was hilarious when the first thing the doctor highlighted to us was our baby’s nose bridge, and Jon did a victorious “YES” – I swear I was embarrassed yet over the moon.

We are having a baby.

We don’t know if it’s gonna be a girl or a boy yet, but I know he or she is gonna be the most beautiful thing in the eyes of the both of us.

When we first started dating at 17, I remember mentioning that my ideal age to have my first kid was at 26. And as time flew by, 26 suddenly felt too soon with many things that I wanted to do before being tied down by a child. But as I turn 26 today, somehow it seems like everything just fell in place naturally and this is the best gift made of love that we both can’t ask for any more.

We are looking forward to seeing you in six months time, our little One. x


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