H♡NEYMOON: Extreme Iceland x IV






This is an evidence of how dramatic Iceland weather is. In less than 5 minutes, a snow shower hit just like that…

…and within the next few minutes, I got a different view of how Skógafoss looked like



Abandoned plane in Sólheimasandur





Vík Beach DSCF5501


Within seconds after the snow hit, the black beach turned white.

























The view of the ice cave’s beautiful textures from the inside out.







South Iceland
7th March 2015

On our third wedding month together, we went on an unexpected crazy adventure towards South Iceland! We had booked an ice-caving tour which was about a six hours drive from Reykjavik, and we set off at 4am so that we would have sufficient time to explore the many scenic spots along the way.

Skógafoss was our first stop, and within that 15 to 20 minutes stay there, I got many different pictures and view of how this waterfall looks like. It was so amazing that the weather can change the look of nature so drastically it was as though the seasons has changed. And this is exactly the reason why Mother Nature never fails to amaze me in the most unexpected ways.

Before heading to the famous Vìk Beach, we slipped in a stop at Sólheimasandur where lies the wreckage of an American plane that crashed slightly more than four decades back. Everyone on the plane survived, and the plane was abandoned there, secluded away from the roads and left to be explored by people. Initially Jon questioned why I would want to go through all the inconvenience to see a “broken plane”, but that turned out to be one of the biggest adventure during our entire trip in Iceland.

We drove into an area that has a sign that only allowed four wheel drive vehicles, so we parked our (two-wheel drive) car, and was prepared to take an hour walk in (and of course an hour walk back). Halfway through, a snow storm came and we gave up and make a detour back to our car. But our car wasn’t anywhere in sight because of the crazy storm and fog before us, and I had to result to using the compass on my iPhone to navigate our way through. Slowly, a shadow shaped like our vehicle surfaced and I thought we were finally close to our car, but they turned out to be huge rocks and more of them started appearing as we got closer. I swear I thought we were lost and it almost feels like “omg are we gonna die here” kind of moment, but somehow I wasn’t feeling afraid despite being caught in a snow storm. Maybe because of the previous experiences with the erratic weather in Iceland, I know that the snow will be over in no time, and it did clear up. And thankfully, we found our car and I told Jon perhaps we should just give it up and move on.

But this husband of mine, determined to bring me to where I wanted to visit, decided to try his luck and drove us deeper into the paths even though our vehicle probably isn’t able to survive through those terrains without getting stuck in the snow pile. I was honestly feeling quite worried if our vehicle got stuck and we had to miss the Ice Cave tour at Jökulsárlón that we paid for, and that was at least another three hours drive from where we were. I helped Jon looked out onto the road to avoid thick snow and it was as though the sun has rise above us as we saw the wrecked plane surface before our eyes! It was such a crazy adventure, and we made it! We were the only ones there when we arrived, and we lucky to grab as many pictures as we could because there were a few other people that started coming in later. As we headed out where everyone parked their vehicles, all of them were four wheel drives, and we were guessing that they must have think thought that we were crazy idiots enough to go all the way out with our little car that we had!

Our next destination was the famous Vìk Beach and it was quite a sight! Even though we have seen the black sand beaches along Snæfellsnes the day before, this beach was quite a fair bit larger! The waves were really strong that an old man was swiped into the water along with his DSLR & tripod! Thankfully a man helped him up and another went after his camera before it got swept into the sea.

Our final destination after an eight hours drive (including the stops along the way), we finally arrived at Jökulsárlón’s famous Glacier Lagoon. Before we arrived at the destination, I could see from afar the beautiful yet unbelievable shade of blue on the mountains formed by the glacier it was so amazing. It stood out beautifully from snow-covered mountains, I’ve never seen a sight like it before! When we arrived at the lagoon itself, we took a walk and went trigger happy before we had to gather at the Lagoon Cafe. We booked our Ice Caving tour with Extreme Iceland, which is  only available during the winter period. The entire tour was approximately two to three hours, and we were in awe at the beautiful shades of blue at the Ice Cave – I personally couldn’t stop touching the ice that formed the cave and surprisingly it didn’t feel cold at all, even the texture of it looked like Nature’s work of art! After our tour, I told Jon to drive to the black sand beach nearby because I caught sightings of ice bergs being washed onto the shore, and it was too beautiful.

There’s truly nothing more memorable about a trip than precious memories and experiences, and that’s what I’d prefer to bust my dough on over material items any time. x

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