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Blue Lagoon











Þingvellir National Park



Wrapped ourselves up like dumplings because the weather was too crazy for us to handle!







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Blue Lagoon, and the Golden Circle, Iceland
5th & 6th March 2015

5th – We decided to grab our rental car a day before our booking date so that we could maximise our stay in Reykjavik, and our initial plan was to visit the Golden Circle that very day. Initially I thought that I could give it a try on being behind the wheel of a left-hand drive vehicle since the roads in Iceland was really long and the flat landscape (due to the lack of trees) would be a lot easier for me, but I was terribly wrong about. Jon drove the both of us off to the Golden Circle route, but we made a detour because of the crazy wind and fog that we met right at the start of the drive. The wind was going at a crazy speed of about 40km/h, and there was so much difficulty trying to keep the car in our lane! And it really didn’t help when we could not see more than 50m away due to the snow.

That’s when we decided to make our way to the Blue Lagoon instead. I’ve been lusting to visit this legendary Blue Lagoon for a few years now, and I was honestly a little disappointed with my visit there. Largely contributed by the bad weather. (Oh yes, not very smart to be visiting the thermal pools when the wind is being so crazy huh?) The really short walk from the building to the geothermal pool itself (approx. say <10m?) was a really nightmare when the weather was -2 degrees along with the crazy wind, my feet was literally frozen within seconds, and the temperature of the pool didn’t keep us warm either. I guess I was really sad because I’ve always wanted to grab some lovely photos at this beautiful place but the weather was really just a killer. Believe it or not, the crazy wind really spoilt the pictures I took of the place itself. We paid about S$100 for two, and only stayed in there for about 30 minutes inclusive of the time we took to shower. And the weather just has to clear up when we are leaving the lagoon – crappy luck we have that day! ☹

We didn’t believe it when the locals said that Iceland’s weather changes every 5 minutes, but it’s true. And we concluded that we shouldn’t change our programme just because of the temporary bad weather. Iceland’s drastic weather was just too dramatic!

To end our short and day, we headed back to Noodle Station for a comforting bowl of hot noodles before we headed back to our AirBnB to wash up and just chill in bed, watching some shows from my laptop.

6th – We set off to the Golden Circle, and our first stop was to þingvellir National Park! As usual the drive can get a little scary due to the sudden onset of random snow storms, but they go as quickly as they come. And because of the dramatic weather, Iceland’s landscape can really vary from a vast land with black roads & brown grass to one that’s totally white which was really quite a sight!

After we parked our car and walked to the viewing area of þingvellir, we met with the craziest weather experience because we were not in tugged in the comfort of our vehicle. The crazy snow and wind kept blowing into our faces – it was so bad that we couldn’t open our eyes, we had to slip on our sunglasses as a form of protective gear and it was only natural to cover up our faces with our scarves! Even with that we felt that we had lost our ears and our face were completely red by the time we manage to seek shelter at the tourist centre. I know I emphasized enough about the erratic weather, but after hiding for five minutes, the weather cleared up completely. We are still amazed that we did not fall sick during our stay in Iceland!

The next stop was off to the Geysir. They were spouting hot springs, but it seemed like there was only one that was active and it was no wonder why everyone just flocked around it and waited for a good show. And gosh, the Geysir can hurl those boiling water really high up!

The final stop of our Golden Circle self-drive was at the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall. I’ve been lusting to visit this amazing sight before my eyes, and I really think that this is Nature’s (one of the many) ways of showing off! The wind was really strong and it made that a little hard to be snapping away without being afraid of missing a step and potentially falling off from the icy/snowy paths. We held on to each other dearly with every step, and the tripod came in handy as a walking stick too haha!

One of the best things about visiting Iceland? Most of the tourist attractions (mostly nature & sight-seeing) does not require any admission fee. x

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