H♡NEYMOON: Extreme Iceland x I



Cream of Carrot




Skyr – Icelandic yogurt





The view of Reykjavik city from the top of Hallgrímskirkja church



Hallgrímskirkja church– the most outsanding and massive building in Reykjavik city



Stepping foot on the frozen pond




The only corner of the pond that wasn’t frozen






Catching snowflakes on my sleeves!


This, to me, would be the funniest souvenior of anybody!

Reykjavik, Iceland
3rd & 4th March 2015

I’m so happy to be able to finally step foot onto Iceland because I’ve been dreaming of visiting this beautiful place since two years back, and I couldn’t stop lusting about it. When Jon agreed to visit this place together for our honeymoon, I couldn’t be any happier! And with that, the destinations that we covered during our honeymoon was planned around visiting Iceland!

3rd – When we landed in Iceland, it was late in the afternoon so we took it easy that evening – settled down at Johann’s, our AirBnB accommodation in Reykjavik, and took a quick stroll along the main street of Reykjavik, looking for an ideal place to settle for dinner. We settled at Scandinavian for dinner on the first day, and as simple or mediocre as the food seems to be in the pictures, we were pretty satisfied with what we had that evening! I absolutely adore the Cream of Carrot soup we had, and I don’t know how is that even possible, it was creamy yet light!

We booked a Northern Light chase with Reykjavik Excursions that evening, and we were in luck! We caught a very beautiful show of the lights even though it took a few hours before they showed up across the sky! Considering the kind of weather we experienced for the next few days, we were really lucky to have clear skies on the very first night in Iceland to catch these lights! But truth to be told, we really enjoyed our northern light chase in Tromsø much better because it was in a much smaller group of less than 10 pax while Reykjavik Excursion had a tour of about 40 or more people on board a huge bus! I was also keeping my fingers crossed that we could see more colours in the Aurora that night but luck wasn’t with me on that. ☹ We have also never seen moonlight that strong and glaring before it almost felt like the sun was shining right into your face!

Quite a way to end off our first night in Iceland with an adventure like that!

4th – We kept our first day free and simple with no plans on our list, except to explore as much as we can in Reykjavik city itself! We had a great view of the entire Reykjavik city from the top of  Hallgrímskirkja church (the most iconic architectural building in the city), and it was indeed a different view of what a city is like as compared to what we have back home. Short buildings no taller than four storeys, colourful houses, and of course the snowy landscape made everything seem magical!

But what was suppose to be a tour around the city turned into an unexpected foodie trial! After we left Hallgrímskirkja church, we walked down the street and I stumbled upon Noodle Station and I remembered that it was highly recommended by someone I knew who visited Reykjavik just recently. And truth to be told, I was a little skeptical about make a trip specially for this because the shop front looked a little unattractive, but I obviously jumped into conclusion too quickly! We decided to pop in and shared a bowl of asian noodles fix (approx. S$13/bowl), and I swear it was so good (and comforting) that we were almost fighting for our turn to have a spoonful of it!

Oh, and we also visited the highly-raved Icelandic hot dog buns, chanced upon a Lobster-Hut which I thought served really amazing Humar (lobster in Icelandic) soup! Imagine having a piping hot lobster soup in the -2 degrees cold, only at about S$12! Whoop whoop! The entire day was an unexpected feast for the both of us without burning a big hole in our pocket, and of course Jon can’t feel any happier about it. And truth to be told, I really thought that I enjoyed every Icelandic meal I had during my entire stay! x

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