H♡NEYMOON: The last of Norway


Jon having a conversation with our AirBnB host over football and lunch.




Our AirBnB apartment at Melissa’sDSCF4983







Tromsø & Oslo, Norway
1st & 2nd March 2015

Even though Tromsø is a rather small and quiet town, somehow it got a little hard to leave this place that we called home for the past few days. I always believed that there’s a bigger part of me who belong to the suburbs than the city, and the serenity always makes me feel at ease.

On the last day in Tromsø, we took it easy the morning – lazed in bed till the late morning even though we got up early, prepared lunch, Jon sharing a football game on TV with Håvard in the living room, and then heading to the airport. We chose to return our car at the airport, and that really made it a lot easier for us to get our luggage around!

It was night fall when we arrived at Oslo, and we headed straight to Melissa’s apartment. It was definitely one of the prettiest apartments that we have stayed at, but the down side was that we had to climb four floor up with our luggage and we weren’t aware of that till we arrive. That didn’t really help because we didn’t exactly travel light. The room that we stayed in was rather small, with two single beds but that wasn’t a problem for us since we were only there for a night. Melissa works in the design industry, and it is no wonder that she did such a good job in doing up her space! Staying in lovely Scandinavian homes makes me fall into a frenzy of wanting to buy everything for my own space too!

Somehow I hoped that we would have arranged for a longer stay in Oslo so that we could explore more of the beautiful scenery that’s just a drive away. It’s amazing that Norway, somewhere that I never had a strong urge to visit, left such a huge impression on me – mostly being mesmerised by her beauty and charm. I’ll be back to explore more, I promise.

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