H♡NEYMOON: Hello there Oslo!

NSB Train ticket from the airport to the city



Our first AirBnb accommodation at Marco’s 








Our first Norwegian meal at Café SorgenfriDSCF4307
Braised pork – braised in the oven for 16 hours
Served with a beetroot risotto, salad of apples, cabbage and beetroot

DSCF4308Josper Grilled Cod
Served with mashed potatoes, pulled pork, Horse radish and fried onions.

Seasonal starter – Scallops with herbs & caviar





Oslo, Norway
24th February 2015

 The last long flight that Jon & I had was 4 years ago to USA, and I almost forgot how it feels to get on a long flight. Thank goodness I can sleep on flights (and I am not very tall) so that makes it a lot easier for me to get my share of rest through that 17 hours of traveling.

It’s both of our first time stepping foot into Europe, and it’s funny how we decided to visit Norway – because it has the cheapest flights to Iceland. Then we found out that everything in Norway cost a bomb! Hahaha, the irony. But nonetheless, Norway has been nothing short of amazing! Both of us are the kind who loves going on a road trip and seeing the beauty of Mother Nature, and it was pretty much what Norway has to offer for us. Oh, and of course the home decoration shops are my favourite! I love everything about Scandinavian home design, and I love it that they are so readily available everywhere, I just wished I could lug everything back home!

Our stay in Oslo was a really short one, but it was lovely going through this city. There isn’t much to do in my opinion because I wasn’t there to shop, and I honestly think that spending a day (or two) would certainly be more than enough to visit the city itself. But of course I believe if we were to drive out, we will be able to explore a lot more! We settled down at Café Sorgenfri for dinner, and the food was great. Huge and generous portions, and our dinner came up to about ~S$100. Then again, even Burger King cost about ~S$20, so I guess this will justify how expensive everything is in Norway.

Through our entire honeymoon, we booked our accommodations with AirBnB, and our first stop is at Marco’s. He was a really helpful guy who helped us checked out what was the cheapest way to get to his place, and even drove us to the central station when we had to head to the airport just because we had two heavy luggage with us and he thought it was a long walk to the nearest bus stop with them. He even allowed us to use everything that he had in the kitchen! A very clean and neat place, well heated and a good bed – we had a good night rest at his place.

A really short & sweet stay in Oslo for us! x

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