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7th December 2014, Sunday – Solemnization

Jon surprised me with a trip to Bali and proposed on 13th January 2014 in Bali, and the year that followed after has been an insanely busy (and a life-changing) one. Jon’s parents got our ba zi calculated and it was said that the 8th would be the best for us to hold our wedding; but the 7th of the month has always got a special meaning for us (both of our birthdays and anniversary falls on the 7th) and it would really mean a lot to us if our wedding anniversary would be on the 7th too. So we decided to do things a little differently and hold our solemnization a day before the gate-crashing & wedding dinner with a much smaller scale with about 60pax, with only our immediate family members and our closest friends.

Kay Minn, Stacey and Haorui stayed over at our place the day before to help us with shifting everything we needed for our weddings, and the entire morning was a hectic rush – our bridesmaids/groomsmen along with a few of our closest pals came early to help us set up the pompoms, reception table and to make sure everything is good while I went off to with my makeup artist to get dressed. While our Justice of Peace was a humorous man in front of our guests, he actually created quite a fair bit of stress for everyone else who were running the day. He shifted the time forward by 30 minutes without notifying us, and everything became an insane rush because he was about to leave. It did upset me a little because I knew that my hairdo was half completed when I left the dressing room, and I forgot to bring my wedding bouquet along for the walk-in with my Dad. ☹ Shirley was really professional and kept her cool so that she wouldn’t show me how stressed up she was with the unexpected situation, or else I’d be a bride on a huge panic attack!

But everything flowed smoothly for the rest of the day. When my Dad walked me down the isle and I heard the song that we selected for the march-in, there was a sudden outburst of emotions within me and I was doing all I could to stop the tears from flowing and to keep smiling. All that months of preparing for this one special day has finally arrived, and it all happened to quickly. As overjoyed as I was, I was finding huge difficulty to compose myself and not burst into tears as I said my wedding vow, and I couldn’t hold it any longer after we walked down the aisle as a married couple.

We couldn’t be more thankful about the weather that day because it was pouring the day before, and a heavy downpour followed that very afternoon too. Estella texted me later that afternoon to remind me how blessed we are to have the weather hold back for us, and we couldn’t agree more.

It was one of the most beautiful day to the both of us, and we truly couldn’t be any happier. Ever. x

Alkaff Mansion Solemnization Venue
Shirley Li from Flamingo Bridal Wedding Gown (Off the rack)
Shirley Li from Flamingo Bridal Hair & Makeup
click! Photography Photography & Editing
Viscad Studios Videography
Crummb Wedding Cake
85 Flowers Flower Arc

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