Wedding Prep #2



DSCF188732 days to the Solemnization • 33 days to the Wedding

This space has been pretty inactive but I’ll still update it any way for my own personal documentation purposes.

The last few days (or maybe even weeks, I can’t even tell anymore) has been so crazy with all the planning for the wedding. We finally made a trip down to the hotel on Monday to talk about the nitty gritty details for the dinner — the colour of the table cloth and sash — and a brief overview of how we might want the programme to flow on the night itself. I am starting to get the jitters, and it’s not about the fear of “getting hitched”, but more of how the day would flow and if things would turn out the way we had hoped for (e.g. Weather). I don’t think I’ll be a bridezilla (I hope) but after relaxing for the longest time I am not even sure what I’m done with, or for the matter, not. I really need a break and take a day off work just to not do anything. *takes in a deep breath*

But I’m very thankful that despite all these things that we have to deal with, Jon and I didn’t have much to disagree on and that really made it a whole lot easier to manage this wedding.

On the side note, I am almost done with the wedding montage of how the both of us had grown over the period of our courtship. And it made me realized something… We really, really went through a whole lot even though everything felt like it just started yesterday. :) x

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