Moving In

#1. Vacated Spaces at #MaisonDeChau

#2. Bed hijacker fulfilling his duty during his first visit to our crib.

#3. Breakfast in Bed

#4. Opening up boxes of loots that I bought over the past one to two years for this space – here’s my beautiful terrarium and wooden clock

5. First cook out with Jon for The Chaus – oven roasted vegetables, steak, sweet lemon salmon, garlic butter rice with corn.

#6. What went into the oven that day.

#7. Second feast for my family – and I guess it’s the first time Jon & I cooked for my family; so glad they enjoyed their meal.

#8. Bought blooms, herbs and condiments.

#9. Eustomas, baby’s breath, and stattices

#10.While Jon decide to sleep in on a Sunday morning, I woke up early to make us Rosewater pancakes with berries, topped with maple syrup.

#11. Morning bedside situation – our customized calligraphy print with one of my favourite quotes by WitxFolly.

#12. Making Lemon-blueberry infused water while Jon prepares for dinner

#14. Beer batter fish & chicken for dinner, prepared by Chef Jon.

Can’t believe how it has been almost four weeks since Jon and I moved in to our own crib! Life has been nothing short of new experiences and getting broke going on groceries shopping & buying the nitty gritty stuff, but all has great thus far and we’re settling in well in this new place we call home! Jon and I have been cooking together quite a fair bit whenever we have spare time on hand on our days off for work, and us taking turns on doing housework naturally to keep our space neat.

I’d say that life has finally slowed down a little since we moved in, and it is not gonna be long till we get back into that craziness for all the wedding preparation that’s waiting for us to deal with. (Speaking of which, we are about 99 days away from the big day and I am starting to have panic attacks because we haven’t started on anything since we shifted!)

I wished I was less lazy, but I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures of our space with my camera and all the above were grabbed from my instagram account. Hopefully I’ll get down to taking more pictures of our crib in the days to come! x

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