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It’s been abut 10 days since I turned 25, and I am still smiling as I screen through the photos that Jon and I took that day. It’s the kind that you find it hard not to smile even though you know you look stupid smiling to yourself for no specific reason. It was a day that I decided to keep it real simple with no fancy dinners nor gatherings – just taking a step back from the craziness I’ve been going through for the past few weeks and to take breather. The only thing I suggested to do for the day was to have a little photo shoot together with Jon, but in the end we got lazy and just did it at the brightest space in the multi-storey carpark at Jon’s crib. But I really loved the photos that we took together, because we were sincerely happy.

Since the start of the year, I swear I have never been happier in my life. Maybe it’s the house, maybe it’s the wedding, or maybe… I was just self-contented with everything I have. We have never felt so emotionally reliant on each other this strong before until recent months. It is just intense. I can truly feel that this period, this “Engaged” period of our lives, is a phase where we are working towards something big and important to both of us.

Both Jon and my family members have been a huge guidance, and nothing short of being absolutely supportive as to the decisions the both of us make together as one. And also, a huge thank you to my friends who I hold close to my heart. Thank you for accepting my craziness and for deciding to stay by my side to watch and help me grow, for feeling happy and excited for me while I go through this phase. I’ve never been clearer about who are the people I’d be keeping with me till our hair turns white, and you guys know who you are. I am nothing but thankful for your presence in my life.

I may not have the most adventurous/exciting/successful life, but I do see myself going to bed with a smile every night. I think I can say, at the age of 25, I may have achieved my ultimate goal in life – I am happy.

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