Getting Started


Our Friday morning was spent at our contractor’s office finalizing the little details of our home, and I am glad to say we have confirmed on the bigger picture and would be moving on into the smaller details (e.g. selection of colours etc.) on our next appointment with him!☺ And yes, I am soooo glad to say that our renovation has finally started yay! Jon & I can’t wait to pop by our space when the floor tiles are laid out. This is way too exciting! :D

Later that night just before we hit the sack, we were laughing about some creepy chemistry that both of us shared while being tucked under the sheets. Then Jon suddenly left for the kitchen and and returned with a pint of ice-cream – the flavour that I have been wanting him to try to be exact – and wished me “Happy Monthsary”. This sweetheart of a boyfriend really knows how to catch me off guard and bring a smile to me in the most unexpected way. :’)

I definitely one of the most imperfect beings around, but I can’t help to feel terribly blessed in so many ways. x

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