Wedding Seals



I’ve got these lovely wedding wax seals customized about a month (or maybe even more) back but have just chucked it into my “Wedding-related” box at the corner of my table ever since. And since I woke up earlier than expected, I decided to get my hands on them to see how I’d fare on them.

It was a lot tougher than I thought – the wax took some time to melt while it hardens a little fast, the fire burnt the wax of the gold ones and it had specks of black wax on it (which was less obvious with the red), and I supposed I applied the wrong point of pressure because I keep having the words/initials get cut off. In short, 90% of the seals I made this morning failed. The two seals pictured above were probably the best of the lot, and it isn’t even looking 80% the way it is supposed to look.

Looks like I’d need to be buying more wax to practice before the actual wedding invites are here. Despite my failed attempt, I thought I had my fair share of fun too! x

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