Project MaisonDeChau






Jon’s soundly fast asleep behind me as I type this down on my laptop in the dark. (He hates it when I use the computer in the dark, even though I am the Optometrist.) Well, I am sitting right here before the computer at 00:32 is because I am having too much thoughts flowing in my mind right now about our new home after meeting our potential contractor earlier today. Sometimes my over-excitement/severe anticipation is the main cause of my insomnia. ☹

If you remember, Jon and I got our keys to our nest earlier in April this year, and the journey through building our dream nest has been a really exciting one! Weeks before the day I decided to grab my new Fuji X-E2, I proposed to Jon about having the both of us photo-documenting the journey of building our home, naming this project Maison de Chau.

So here’s the twigs of our new (and very first) nest in its rawest state – uneven cement floor, vacant, a place where imagination flows. I love how Jon and I get into the details and stands on common ground on most of the them; just like when a lighting that I thought would be perfect for our dining table, Jon nods in agreement that it would match our home’s theme. Or at least when we disagree, we try to look for that common ground together.

We can’t wait to see what kind of transformation of this tiny space of ours would turn into. The next two month’s just gonna be really exciting for us! x

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