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Since I got my new baby, the Fuji X-E2, I can’t stop going trigger happy and be impressed by what this little one can do. And with that, I will make an attempt to re-activate this dusty little space of mine.

Last Sunday Estella and I met up and did a mini photo shoot out of boredom and well, according to her, I should be doing something young and fun before I tie the knot and do all the serious stuff about life. So glad that we did this because it was too much fun and we couldn’t stop laughing the entire time we were snapping away. It was a fun-filled day which saw the both of us braving the hot weather and running away from the potential rain.

I’m terribly blessed to have this girl by my side, and thinking back I still find it amazing how our roads have crossed. Estella’s definitely one of the gems I have got to keep till my hair turns white. Thank you for being nothing but a sweetheart, ET. ♡

5 thoughts on “Bubble Sunday

  1. hai! although I have stopped blogging altogether but it doesn’t mean I will ever stop reading your posts! hehe so keep them coming k! so glad we made up our minds to do this ^^ it was really fun and I think we’ll look back and smile. love your new camera!!!

    • Hey ET! Heh, I must admit that I have gotten lazy with blogging lately but I will try my best to document whatever I can for this year! I think we’d look back and smile laugh instead! Looking forward to more fun-filled adventures with you! :*

  2. Looks so much fun! :) where can we still get these bubble fluid in sg?

    • Hi Shuling, it was indeed a lot of fun! My girlfriend bought them from Diaso! Hope that helps! x

  3. Thanks for the info! :) hope you have a great week ahead :)

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