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Time has been passing by so quickly I can’t believe it’s just about eight months away from the Big Day! The past few months saw Jon and I busy cracking our brains thinking of how we can make our special day a beautiful one. I’ve been thinking about it for the longest time, and I finally got down to deciding on having a third dress made for our wedding!

It feels so good to slowly strike out the things on the wedding to-do list. ☺

Apart from preparing for the wedding, we have been busy searching for contractors and furniture for our Nest too! We received an early surprise and got our house keys much earlier than expected! This is the part that gets us both really excited, and it makes me so glad that Jon pretty much took my idea/concept of what I have in my mind for our home, and just with the both of us improving and compromising on them. Sometimes he spoils me so much in ways he doesn’t say/show straightforwardly. Furniture shopping, kitchenware spamming, and more home-related shopping. It has all been really fun and exciting. The entire process is like having the both of us materialising what I’ve dreamt about for my future home (consolidated on my tumblr) is coming to live! ☺ If you have any ideas of minimal and beautiful home ware, please throw them my way and we’ll be really thankful!

My Dad has tried to mentally prep me that this might be a year that I may have to face a lot of conflicts with Jon due to different ideas of both the wedding and building a home (both of which are one of the toughest thing a couple has to face, and we have them both on our list together). I’m just extremely thankful that we have both been more giving to each other than expected – and I’m actually pretty damn surprised with myself because knowing the stubborn lad I am, I actually accepted the proposal and the wants that Jon has with the little stuff for the home. I’m so damn glad that Jon always accepts my “big picture”, and works on the nitty gritty details to make the entire painting a perfect one for us.

One thing about being with this man, is that I am willing to give in because this is not about me, but us. And I am really thankful for everything thus far. :’)

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