The +62 Surprise x Day Three





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14th January 2014 • Day Three

On the last day of our short getaway, we made it a slow and relaxing one. After we had our lunch at Ambassador Restaurant, and we headed off to Mango Spa to have our very first couple spa retreat together! The Spa was located at a rooftop and we both loved how they transformed it into a relaxing sanctuary. Drove off to Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, which has gotta be the most expensive bar we visited through our entire trip. I have to admit that it has a really amazing view with the waves crashing right beside you (well, almost)!

We had some Indonesian BBQ duck for our final meal in Bali, and it was soooo good! When we arrived at our resort, Jon noticed that there was a BBQ corn man just right outside our resort, so we decided to pop out and grab ourselves a cob each considering how much I love corn cob! It was good, but we both agree that the one we grabbed from Krabi beach was the best. We sat at the lobby of our resort, savouring on our corn cob while enjoying the night breeze together. The littlest things like these really really makes me feel so contented and happy.

A short and non-adventurous trip, but definitely the most eventful one thus far. Thank you for this precious surprise retreat, my sweetheart. ♡

2 thoughts on “The +62 Surprise x Day Three

  1. hey kellyn, just wondering. Have you and your fiance broken up before? How did u 2 end up together for so long! Very envious. Congrats on your engagement! (:

    • Thank you for your well wishes! We did once because I was still young and stupid but that lasted for only a week hahaha. There is really nothing to be envious about! I believe all relationships have their ups and downs and there is no two that is exactly the same. I guess the only reason we are still so in love with each other is because we love fooling around with each other, and we still have burning desire to be with each other for the rest of our lives. :)

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