The +62 Surprise x The Proposal

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13th January 2014 • Day Two – The Proposal

As some of you might have already know, Jon popped the question on the second day of the surprise trip to Bali and I was totally caught by surprise – or at least the way he have arranged it to be.

After our breakfast, he suggested that we should go around the resort to take some photos because the resort was indeed really beautiful and he knows the fact that I love taking nice photos of the both of us together for keepsake. Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa has got a perfect wedding chapel that overlooks the ocean, which was sadly under renovation when we were there, so we were standing at the small empty space beside it and started taking photos of the ocean against the horizon. Just when we were about to leave, there were two photographers that came up to us and said that they were from the resort and would like to take some photos of us. As shy as I am, I turned them down because I didn’t like the idea of strangers having photo of me/us with them. Jon suggested that I should just take a few so that we could brush them off. But after a few shots, he took on both of my hands, looked at me with all seriousness in his eyes and I guessed… Oh shucks, this is it!

Truth to be told, I can’t even concentrate on the words that he was saying because it all happened to quickly, but all I knew was that I was smiling like a fool to myself the whole time he was making his little promise to me. He stuttered a little while saying all that he wants to tell me (despite being absolutely comfortable with me for years, it was a side of him that I have never seen before), took out the ring, then got down on his knees and asked “Will you marry me?”


Of course it was a Yes! Why would I turn down the man who makes me the happiest girl on earth in so many ways that he doesn’t even know, the man who has a heart of gold, and the man who is just exactly everything I wanted in my life? To my absolute surprise, his eyes glowed and smiled like the way he just struck lottery, and that as though he was expecting a rejection from me. (He asked “Really?!” right after I said “Yes”.) I mean, we always fool around and I always gave an instant rejection but… this was the real deal and I couldn’t spoil the moment for us.

That moment was too precious.

And I couldn’t believe that he actually hired the photographers for a few hours because they wouldn’t except a job for an hour (when he actually just wanted to really capture that 5 minutes), so we ended up doing a mini engagement shoot which I was absolutely unprepared for. (We were supposed to be heading to the beach thereafter, hence explaining my outfit. And that’s the other complain I have for making me look so bad apart from my braces. ☹) As much as some people planted the possibility that Jon might be proposing during the trip, I never expected him to do it this way. He told me that’s because I told him before that a proposal shouldn’t be done over a meal and the best time to do it is in the day (so that we could take pictures with natural light hahaha), things which I forgot I even mentioned before and he remembered all the details.

At the end of the proposal, I realised that what really makes me happy wasn’t about how many carats/ what’s the grade of the ring, or how perfect the venue would be. It was how nervous I can cause him to be through the proposal and how priceless Jon’s reaction was when I said Yes. It’s like that image was on repeat in my mind.

It has been 5 days since you proposed, but the endorphin in me has not died down a single bit yet. This is the start of something new, my fiancé. I love you, and to an infinite forever more. ♡



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