The +62 Surprise x Day One

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13th January 2014 • Day One

I had zilch idea about what were the plans that we had for our trip to Bali, and upon arriving our guide picked us up from the airport. Jon actually arranged our entire trip with a company called Bali Way, started by a friend of his, where he listed down the things that he’d like to do/places he’d like to visit and our driver through the entire trip would drive us around in the comfort of being chauffeured around! It was a really pleasurable experience traveling with them.

Our first stop was a street side cafeteria (or coffee shop if you’d like to call it) to have some of what they think is the best Babi Guling (roasted pork) in town which Jon loved! And that oily looking bowl of ordinary soup was so good I ordered another one of it.

Headed to Uluwatu Temple thereafter where we caught some really beautiful sight of the waves crashing against the cliffs. Now I can finally understand why Bali’s also known as surfers’ paradise. I was telling Jon how therapeutic it was to look at the waves crash over and over again and hearing the sound of the ocean.

Continued our exploration around Uluwatu and the Bvlgari Resort was the next place that we headed to. Well technically we were not suppose to go anywhere other than the lobby because we were not the guests of the resort, but we could head over to the pool area if we had a reservation to the bar which we did. This was one unique trip that we felt like we had spare time on hands to just do nothing but relax, and it felt good. We ordered some drinks, and just lazed at the bar with our drinks and taking it slow. Instead of cafe hopping, we actually resort hopped! We headed over to Alilas Villas Uluwatu after that just to catch the gorgeous view that this villa had to offer. The only disappointment I got was that it was too cloudy and I couldn’t get a breathtaking view that I’d expect out of the sunset there. ☹

We had BBQ seafood by the beach thereafter! Jon had everything so nicely planned it was… I can’t even find a word for it. Jon enjoyed his dinner so much he hardly talked to me through his meal hahaha. :/ The food was good, and a lot cheaper than what we had to pay for in Singapore for the very same thing!

The final surprise for the day Jon had for me was the resort that he booked for the both of us. It was a beautiful two storey villa at Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa for the two of us – which was a little too much of a luxury to me. (Pictures of the villa can be found on my Dayre!)

Would really prefer him to splurge on me like that, but I guess it was a special trip for the both of us. ☺

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