Twenty-Thirteen’s Reflections


Cannot believe how 2013 is coming to an end in a few hours’ time. Despite my eagerness for this year to end (because it has been so insane), 2013 year has been really amazing.

The insanity started in late March when Jon and I decided to get down to starting on our online business — Lumière Days — and everything has just worked its way out after that. I wouldn’t say we are very successful at this point of time, but it has been sufficient to keep the both of us busy as hell trying to juggle our day job with this baby of ours and to make us feel that we are another step closing to building our future. And it really made us smile when we do know that Lumière Days is slowly getting its name out there. :) November & December has been the most intense period for LD with all that corporate roadshows (one after another), collaborations & even media exposure! We’re so thankful and fortunate when clicknetwork’s That F Word approached us to work on an episode on eyewear, it was almost unbelievable; we just can’t wait to watch that episode when it is out! It wasn’t an easy journey trying to juggle our day job, getting sufficient rest, and doing our best but we made it any way.

2013 has also been a change in my lifestyle — the first year that Jon and I got through after our long distance relationship has ended and to have him full-time by my side was just… blissful. Despite there were many times we had strong disagreements (some of them were LD-related), we made through all of that and became more in love with each other than we already did. I can never be more thankful for having such a man in my life — a man that is accepting of my flaws and loved me more than what I deserved, a man that works around our future together. Jon has been nothing but a great pillar of support, a blessing and a potful of love in my life as always.

This is also, sadly, definitely the least traveled year for me. Every other month, I go through this major wanderlust urge and see the world after draining myself out so much from work and nothing less. But it took me a lot of discipline to say No because there are more things that I should be saving up for, and the good things can come after. Honestly, I doubt I would be able to gather my discipline without Jon’s presence. He’s the constant reminder to the details in my life, always painting the bigger picture in my life that I tend to overlook.

It is also a year that makes me realized so much more about friendship(s). While I lost someone who was once really dear, it is amazing how it didn’t even pinch me a single bit when it fell apart. Ironically, I was thankful and smiling that it did. It feels so good to finally be taking a deep breath of fresh air away from all that toxin I was carrying. It’s like a life and soul detox; a clean and refreshing breath of air. I laughed at myself, thinking back at all the empty vessels I chose to believe through these few years. But I guess it is something good to experience though, because I can give a pat on my back and tell myself “Now you know this is the kind of person you wouldn’t want in your life, and we are off to lead a happier life.”

On the other hand, a friendship that I lost about three years back got rekindled and it felt like that three years of absence in each other’s life was absolutely nothing. It had nothing on this friendship that we had, and we are probably closer than before. It is so amazing that it makes me smile. Having someone who cares for you like that is a rare gift, and most importantly appreciates you for who you are. Thank you so much, K.

The episode on friendships in 2013 only proved to me that what I have believed in relationships is right – it can survive anything if there is love. And when it dies, everything else dies to – even the most beautiful memory you have of each other. When I love, you have my heart and attention; but when you are no longer someone I care for, everything about you becomes spam. There’s nothing about you I’d want to be updated of.

All in all, I am in a much happier place right now and I can only be thankful for every single thing that has happened through 2013 – because even the things I have lost is a blessing to me. And it feels really good to get a clearer picture of what I’d want my life to be, and what I don’t want it to be.

Now I can’t wait for the arrival of the new year, and the many more amazing things that will be coming my way. Bring in on 2014, I am ready for you! x

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