Monday’s Light

photo 1Monday morning’s light and what stole half of my morning bed space.

photo2Mid day green tea and waffles fix with Estella

Made an effort to wake up a little earlier on a Monday morning to spend some time with my favourite furkid. Sometimes I feel so terrible about not spending enough time with this little fella in the mornings because he climbs up, hijack my morning bed space and waits patiently for me to wake up to play. But most of the time, I’ve hardly have got the time to do so. ☹

Spent the rainy afternoon with Estella over tea and waffles talking about random topics that make no connection, but it was so lovely to spend the rainy afternoon dry and comfy indoors with someone that matters – with an added bonus of conversations that makes you laugh and smile. It’s so good to be finally spending some time away from work.

On a side note, I’ve just joined the Dayre… so catch me and say Hi! x

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