Blueberry Rosewater Pancakes




Got out of bed earlier than I should have on a Monday morning to make breakfast for my dearest sweetheart before he heads out to work, and I tried out something that just came to my mind – Blueberry Rosewater Pancakes topped with Maple syrup. I am not gonna be embarrassed about it, but Jon suggested that perhaps we should have something else to drizzle over the pancakes instead of the maple syrup because it kinda killed the taste of the blueberries. Till the next time I work on this! ☺

On a side note, Jon and I have started to plan out on so many little details of the bigger picture of our future it is getting me a little too excited! I am so thankful that I have him by my side to laugh away my tough times and make me feel like what we have ahead of us is worth fighting through right now. He is really the best damn thing I’ve ever had. ♥

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