Sunday at Tiong Bahru


#1. Open Door Policy. #2. Roasted field mushrooms on toasted brioche with truffle puree


#2. Plain Vanilla #3. The dessert table at Plain Vanilla Bakery.


#4. The kind of things I’d want in my future home. #5. New favourite in my pocket – Ray-Ban Folding Clubmasters, available from Lumière Days.

(Captured on the iPhone; follow me on Instagram @kellynting)

On my New Year’s Resolutions earlier this year, I made a mark and told myself to catch up with more old friends and I did last Sunday! Felicia is one senior of mine that I haven’t met up with in such a long time since we’ve graduated from St. Margaret’s, and this crazy girl is still pretty much the same. So glad to know that your old pals are doing well, and that we all have grown up so much yet we can blabber all the way. We settled at Open Door Policy for lunch, walked around and decided to settle at Plain Vanilla there after for more catching up.

This lady gave me so much home inspirations tips and ideas it is making me so excited to play “dress up” with my future home. I am now on a mission to source for beautiful ideas, kitchenware, furniture and everything that goes along the line of building a beautiful daily getaway. If you do know of any, throw them my way! x

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