June’s Transition

I’ve subconsciously went into a hiatus mode on this blog without even realizing it. June has been a really crazy month for me; one that’s filled with hectic schedule (without even having sufficient time for myself to breathe and stop), one that saw the things that fell apart falling back into place, and one that made me realize a side of people that I’ve never expected to see. I can only be thankful for the people who has been watching my back for me, because being me, I tend to believe people are who they seem to be, and I don’t believe in being someone that I am not. I guess this is exactly why growing up is so painful.

Nonetheless, Jon and I have been so busy working on Lumière Days together and I am so glad that things are picking up and our name is slowly getting out there. There’s still a long long way to go ahead for us and business of ours, so here’s hoping for better days ahead!

One thing I’d really hope to get back to doing would be taking pictures again. I’ve been neglecting my cameras for so long. Looking at all the beautiful pictures taken from my usual photographic inspiration sources makes me feel like I should get back to fiddling with my toys really soon.

And on a side note, July’s here and I am seven days away from turning a year older. Yet all I can think of is to see another side of the world with you.

20130701-002941.jpgThank you, for protecting me and making me the happiest person I can ever be.

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