Midnight Sweetness


I’ve been missing from this personal space of mine because I’ve been too busy working on a project that my sweetheart and I came up with – which evolved us from being best friends and lovers, and now to business partners. The both of us have started (and we are working hard) on an online boutique business – Lumière Days – to sell quality sunglasses at a much affordable price, and we are featuring on Ray-ban for the launch. We’re both really hyped about this, and we’re doing our best for this little business venture of ours; so stay tuned, do show some support and spread the word! ☺

That aside, while I was working hard for our website last night, I received a call from Jon at 12am asking me to get ready and head out in 5 minutes because he was on his way to pick up and head out for my favourite – ice-cream, despite having to head out for a football game early in the morning the next day. That literally brought a big wide smile on my first because of this sweet effort made by him. So there we sat at Salted Caramel, with a plate of waffles topped with salted caramel & horlicks ice-cream, and us falling in love (all over again). I swear I couldn’t stop smiling to myself the whole night. It was such a perfect ending to my Saturday night, and the best motivation for a working Sunday. My man has the way to my heart subconsciously, and he is definitely the sweetest man alive. I’ve definitely done something so right in my past life. ♡

March has been such a long and weary month for me. But I know that’s because it’s building up to an exciting month of April ahead. x

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